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Community Information

Below is information about the "DC Heroes- OOC Community" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:dc_heroes_ooc (37820)
DC Heroes OOC
Name:DC Heroes- OOC Community
About:Welcome to DC Heroes!

Below you will find links to all information about the game. We are currently accepting applications for characters. Please read the game rules before applying.

Thank you!

Main Community
OOC Community - For game announcements
Character Application
Game Rules - Please Read
DC Heroes Wiki
Game Staff
Frequently Asked Questions
Cast List
Character List
Wish List
Utility Accounts

The Bullpen Dressing room type comm for silly stuff outside the game.
Interests:131: alfred pennyworth, aqualad, aquaman, argent, arisia, arrowette, arsenal, artemis, atlantis, bane, barbara gordon, barry allen, bart allen, bat gear, batgirl, batman, batmobile, batsignal, beast boy, birds of prey, black canary, blackfire, bludhaven, bruce wayne, carol ferris, cassandra, cassie sandsmark, catwoman, changeling, cheshire, cissie king-jones, conner kent, connor hawke, crime-fighting, criminals, cyborg, deathstroke the terminator, deductive reasoning, detective work, dick grayson, dinah lance, donna troy, edward nigma, fighting crime, flamebird, flash, flying, gadgets, gar logan, garth, gotham city, green arrow, green lantern, guy gardner, hal jordan, helena bertinelli, hera, heroism, huntress, impulse, j'onn j'onnz, jesse quick, jla, john stewart, jsa, justice, justice league, justice league of america, keystone city, kid flash, kilowog, kon-el, koriand'r, krypto, leslie thompkins, lex luthor, lois lane, martial arts, metropolis, mia dearden, nightwing, no man's land, oliver queen, opal city, oracle, poison ivy, raven, riddler, robin, roland desmond, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, roy harper, rpg, rpgs, saving the world, shiva, smallville, speedy, spoiler, star city, stephanie brown, superboy, superheroes, superman, team titans, teen titans, tempest, the dark knight, the flash, the green arrow, the joker, the new teen titans, the riddler, the tarantula, the titans, themyscira, tim drake, titans, titans tower, troia, vic stone, victor stone, wally west, wayne manor, wonder girl, wonder woman, wondergirl, young justice
Maintainers:2: dc_heroes_mod, mrcrankypants
Members:10: ace_in_a_skirt, crossbowvixen, dc_heroes_mod, ferris_ceo, hvyweight_champ, marsneedschocos, mrcrankypants, redheadspy, reporterofsteel, thisbugsforyou
Watched by:35: 60minuteman, ace_in_a_skirt, askthequestion, auulanulauava, boobs_of_steel, captainmarvel, clone_of_steel, crossbowvixen, dc_heroes_mod, defyinggravity, demonblood, ferris_ceo, hell_blazer, highballjordan, hvyweight_champ, i_can_hit_that, ihatecrowbars, littlestarrow, makemescream, man_of_steel, marsneedschocos, mistressofmagic, mrcrankypants, not_kid_flash, notyourdamsel, peacefuldove, princess_diana, red_white, redheadspy, reporterofsteel, speedier, starpower, thedarkknight, thegirlflash, thisbugsforyou
Account type:Early Free User

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