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Community Information

Below is information about the "A home for all fans of Dragonlance" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:dragonlance (30294)
Name:A home for all fans of Dragonlance
Theme:Fans of Dragonlance
About:Basic guidelines:

1.) Put fics, art, and especially long posts behind a cut. It's just polite.

2.) Be tolerant of all the various pairings out there. No need to read them if you don't care for it, but don't flame anyone.

3.) Have fun!

Layout from tears_of_ruby @ LJ
Interests:100: alhana, ansalon, ariakas, astinus, bertrem, branchala, caramon, caramon majere, chemosh, chislev, crysania, dalamar argent, dezra majere, draconians, dragonlance, dragonlance gen, dragonlance het, dragonlance slash, dragons, dwarves, elves, fanart, fanfiction, fistandantilus, fizban, flint, flint fireforge, gen, gilean, gilthanas, gilthas, goldmoon, habbakuk, haven, het, hickman, hiddukel, huma, istar, jenna, justarius, kagonesti, kender, kiri-jolith, kitiara, kitiara uth matar, knights, krynn, ladonna, laura majere, laurana, lunitari, magic, magius, majere, margaret weis, mishakal, morgion, nuitari, paladine, palanthas, palin, palin majere, par-salian, qualinesti, que-shu, raistlin, raistlin majere, reorx, riverwind, sargonnas, shinare, silvanesti, sirrion, slash, solace, solamnia, solinari, steel brightblade, sturm, sturm brightblade, sturm majere, takhisis, tanin majere, tanis, tanis half-elven, tanthalas, tasslehoff, tasslehoff burrfoot, tika, tika waylan, tower of high sorcery, tracy hickman, ulin majere, usha, verminaard, wayreth, weis, zeboim, zivilyn
Maintainers:1: thisonething
Members:1: thisonething
Account type:Early Free User

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