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Community Information

Below is information about the "OSU ASME AWS SPDC Team" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:easysorts (37787)
The Brainstorm
All ideas are good ones~
Location:Oregon, United States
This is a brainstorming community for the ASME Student Design Team from OSU. All are welcome to post here, we ask that you follow the following rules when posting:

1 - Keep it related to the task at hand. If you think using a blender that's on fire will solve our problem and have a good reason to think so, please post that along with the reason. But if you just think the concept of a blender on fire is just awesome, don't post it. That's just spamming.

2 - You are welcome to reply to someone else's idea and piggy back off of it, just try not to get side-tracked when doing this.

3 - DO NOT insult some else's idea if you think it is stupid or impossible. This is a brainstorm and therefore all ideas are awesome and should be treated with respect.

4 - Finally, keep it rated PG. There's no reason to be swearing out people here.

Thank you.

Now here's the task:

We need ideas for the following:
-sorting stuff
-telling plastic apart from aluminum
-telling plastic apart from tin/steel
-telling plastic apart from glass
-telling glass apart from aluminum
-telling glass apart from tin/steel
-telling tin/steel apart from aluminum
-a means of feeding bottles of various sizes reliably into a machine

Thanks for participating.
Maintainers:1: aws_team
Members:1: aws_team
Watched by:2: aws_team, bar_ohki
Account type:Early Free User

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