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EINS, ZWEI, DREI, AKTION. ([info]techromance) wrote in [info]indisputable,
@ 2008-02-26 22:41:00

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originally created on GJ.

Seeing as though this community is based on points it wouldn't be fair for beginning members to have lower scores based on smaller amounts of people. Thus the first 15 members will either be accepted or rejected based on the Mod/Members discretion. After that, accepted members can apply for scores, and all applying members will be rated from 1-3 (+ to +++) or -1 to -3 (- to ---)

This community is not based on YES/NO votes or from a score of 1-10. The higher your total score, the more likely you will be a top member. Read the user info for details.

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2008-02-27 04:27 pm UTC (link)
i just read your thing & yeah i'd love to help you out with this if you'd like :]

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2008-02-28 04:12 pm UTC (link)
I just want to comment and say, I'm joining because of the keira knightley layout, omg. :x

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2008-02-28 04:13 pm UTC (link)
She is gorgeous, I love her to death, sdhfuidshfuifds.

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2008-02-28 04:26 pm UTC (link)
I want to marry her.

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