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Community Information

Below is information about the "(+/-) indisputable" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:indisputable (18007)
Name:(+/-) indisputable

Welcome to [info]indisputable. This rating community is based on 80% looks and 20% personality. The voting process here is different than any other community. Members will vote on a (+/-) Scale. A + will mean +1 to your score and - will mean -1 to your score. You can vote up to +++ and ---. (+3,-3) You will be accepted into indisputable if by the end of the voting process you have a positive number. If all the votes are added and you are at a negative number, or a zero, you will be rejected.

1 A salute is not needed when applying, but if a mod or member asks for one, please supply one.
2 Make the subject line say NEW& Change the lj-cut from SHORT APPLICATION to your name& age.
3 When applying post at least 5 pics to a max of 12.
4 You will need to star one picture, for the userinfo & include two pictures for your duels
5 Have respect toward all members, and leave the drama out. Don't post anywhere until you are accepted
6 Be active!

1 Be as active as you can! Promote when necessary.
2 Make sure to put either (+/-) in the subject line.
3 No text-only posts.
4 You must duel at least once a month or you will be kicked out.
5 You can only re-apply 3 times to raise your score; but if you re-apply for a higher score, and you end up getting a lower one, or even a negative number, you will take that score, or get kicked out and start over. Make sure to re-apply if you think it'll benefit you. If you want to raise your score after 3 times, just duel somebody.

created by felisha

Top five members:
Will be updated shortly. NOTE; Your votes will be worth double (Eg; if you make a vote of + your vote will count for +2)

Remember you must duel at least once a month! A duel is here to help you raise your score.

You can only duel somebody within 5 of your score.
To start a duel, just make a post with DUEL in the subject line, your username + score + pictures, and their username + score + pictures. Duel pictures & scores can be found here
If you win 3 will be added to your score.
If you lose 3 will be taken off your score.
You are not allowed to duel somebody already in a duel. & If during a duel your score goes into the negative, you must re-apply.
You can now duel someone that has more then +5 points from you. If you win +5 will be added to your score, if you lose -2 will be added & +2 to the person you challenged.

We have a MOM contest. The MOM is chosen by points. Check out this entry to get all the rules/details. NOTE: If you are the MOM your vote will count for double (Eg; a vote of ++ made by you is equivalent to four)

Each week indisputable has a different contest up. Check here for details!
Past winners: N/A This weeks winner:

Interests:2: rating, rating communities
Maintainers:3: indisputablemod, inspire
Members:19: butterface, confederate, disneyworld, etudes, freekatieholmes, hotdigidydog, indisputablemod, inspire, model, ocean, poetics, popbottles, rambo, sincere, speak, tennessee, twig, weak
Watched by:9: freekatieholmes, hotdigidydog, inspire, model, poetics, popbottles, speak, tennessee, weak
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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