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YAMANAKA INO ❝山中いの❞ ([info]verdure) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-15 17:42:00

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Current mood: chipper
Entry tags:closed log, ino, suigetsu

[ closed | on-going ] take your love and turn it into obscenity.
Who: Ino and Suigetsu
What: After swearing her to secrecy, Suigetsu takes Ino to one of his underground Fight Club-esque matches. It's pretty much the closest they'll ever get to an actual date. Ah, romance.
When: October 16th, 10pm
Where: Some... abandoned warehouse somewhere. IT'S ALWAYS AN ABANDONED WAREHOUSE.
Warning(s): ...I don't even know. A lot.

The match was over.

At least, Ino assumed it was over, just like how she assumed Suigetsu was the one that won, considering the other guy didn't look like he was about to get up anytime soon and the designated referee was saying something she couldn't hear over the roar of the crowd. Boxing or mixed martial arts or whatever this was (beating the shit out of each other for the hell of it, apparently) wasn't exactly her thing, so the rules went over her head and she'd found herself looking away from the pointless brutality--fight almost as much as she'd been watching.

It didn't really stop her from cheering Suigetsu on, though. Just because he was stupid and obviously a masochist didn't mean she wanted him to lose. Getting your ass handed to you like this wasn't really something she'd wish on anybody.

That was the only way she could explain the relief she felt at seeing him walk out of the makeshift ring, instead of being dragged out like his opponent. That was the only way she could explain the tight knot in her throat as he trailed blood like breadcrumbs, deep red dripping from his knuckles and running down his cheek.

Ino moved quickly to intercept him, weaving through the crowd until she was at his side, but just far enough away that errant drops of blood didn't find her clothes.

"I knew it," she said, expression hard and tone clipped as she flicked her hair over her shoulder. "I knew you were an idiot. Are you okay?"

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2009-10-16 04:11 am UTC (link)
It's a high, beating the everloving shit out of somebody. Knocking them down and pounding them over and over and over, then stepping back and letting them stand, just to knock them down again. When he was in the ring, Suigetsu wasn't aware of anything else but the high- oh, sure, he heard the gasps and the cheers and the groans and the cat calls from the crowd. Background noise, fuzzy and out of focus where his opponent was stark and red.

Purely selfish, the fights. He thrived on them and he knew he was good- one of the best. If Mangetsu were still alive, he'd probably be one of the best, too.

If. Haha, if.

Still, he felt satisfied as he left the ring, even though his left eye throbbed (decent shiner, he hadn't had one of those in a while, but he gave as good as he got for it), his knuckles were skinned, and there was a shallow cut somewhere on his face.

Felt even more satisfied when he saw Ino bulldozing her way toward him and looking like she wanted to punch him out herself. Grinned despite a sore jaw and the blood on his sharp teeth (biter, you know).

"Thanks for the luck."

Maybe he was a little slaphappy. Happened once in a while, after a particularly exhilarating fight.

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2009-10-16 11:40 am UTC (link)
"You better be thankful," she hissed, shifting her weight, still slightly annoyed by the good luck kiss he'd coerced out of her before the match. Even after everything they'd done together, one little innocent kiss on the cheek had her bothered. There was something backwards about the whole thing, but the drop of blood that narrowly missed her (very expensive) shoe derailed that line of thought, and she looked up at him again.

Her heart shouldn't still be pounding like this--but it just looked so bad, even though the rational part of her knew it wasn't all his blood, that it all could've been much, much worse. Ino had been witness to her fair share of fistfights, had even been participant of a couple of her own, but this went above and beyond anything she'd ever experienced before.

And all she could think was, the dumbass is grinning. Had he been hit in the head too many times?

"Even though it really didn't do you any good," she added with a sigh, before reaching out and grasping his chin between her thumb and forefinger, tilting his head down to inspect his split cheek. "Look at you." Despite the gentle way this could have come out, she made it sound accusing instead, and frowned as she pulled away, avoiding another trickle of blood.

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2009-10-16 04:35 pm UTC (link)
"Didn't do him any good, you mean." Suigetsu jerked his thumb back in the direction of the ring, completely unruffled by Ino's tone- though he'd wrinkled his nose at her when she grabbed him by the chin; his mother used to do that if he came home looking the worse for wear (in other words, often).

He opened his mouth to say something else but a few spectators walked by and clapped him on the shoulders, shouted enthusiastically above the din signaling the start of a new round- there were a couple more regulars scheduled to fight but all the rest were green as grass, and you could usually tell by the crowd's reaction which was which (newbies were put through their paces by all parties involved)- and he flashed them an impish peace sign in acknowledgment before he turned back to Ino.

Kinda crazy that she was there to begin with. Kinda crazy that he'd asked her to be there. How bout them apples.

He raked sweat soaked hair out of his face, and his fingers came away bloody.

"Ewww," he said with exaggerated disgust, wiggling them at her, but not too close because heaven forbid he get blood on her.

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2009-10-17 12:16 am UTC (link)
Ino wasn't really the squeamish type, but that still didn't stop her from jerking away from him, her nose wrinkling in disgust. Just because she'd dealt with blood and vomit and other gross bodily fluids before didn't mean she wanted to. Sakura was the doctor wannabe.

Besides, this top was one of her favorites.

"You're so--" she began, then cut herself off with a huffing sound, too irritated (or flustered) to come up with the appropriate adjective to encompass everything that Suigetsu was.

Instead, some kind of autopilot suddenly took her over, and she wrapped a hand around his (bare) arm, guiding him away from the ring and the crowd and towards what she hoped was a bathroom or some sort of back room for the fighters before and after their matches.

"Come on, idiot." Maybe it was the part of her that couldn't stand idly by while someone was hurt, or maybe the part that couldn't resist helping someone much more pathetic than her (she was going with this option), or maybe it was something else, but either way, the reaction was unthinking.

"Let's get you cleaned up." That came out a little more gently than she'd intended. Or just exasperated.

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2009-10-19 04:34 am UTC (link)
Well now. That was something completely unexpected. For all that he thought he had Ino figured out (a stupid assumption, probably, considering how long they'd known each other, which wasn't very) she was still capable of surprising him. Either that, or he really did take one too many hits to the head.

Regardless, Suigetsu, grinning stupidly, allowed her to tow him along with little fuss, though he couldn't resist throwing in a childish, "Aww, you do like me."

And that was awful nice.

...Except he still felt the high from the fight, and mind was clearly addled, otherwise he never would've settled on that particular thought longer than a blink.


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2009-10-19 10:28 am UTC (link)
Luck must have been on her side, because the first door she pushed open--the door he came out of, she remembered--was exactly the kind of back room she'd been hoping for. Only a couple people were still milling around, almost all of them having left, ostensibly, for the next fight.

"I wouldn't go that far," she grumbled, releasing him out of reflex. Her hand came back sweaty, her thumb smeared with blood (his or the other guy's?), and she grimaced and wiped it on the cleanest section of his shorts. Why had she agreed to this again? It had seemed so adventurous at the time, and she'd always approved of trying new things. How many people could say that they'd gone to an illegal fight club in their life?

She hadn't really expected it to turn out like this, though.

"Sit," she commanded, pointing to a nearby chair. Suigetsu seemed to be going along with her demands pretty well so far, so, confident that he would listen, she rounded on one of the stragglers next, leveling him with a glare and barking, "First aid kit. You have one, don't you?"

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