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Deidara ([info]artgasming) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-17 12:40:00

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Entry tags:closed log, deidara, zetsu

Avoiding Expulsion [CLOSED]
WHO: Deidara ([info]artgasmng) and Zetsu ([info]_feedme).
WHAT: Deidara getting in trouble for skipping class. Also top sekrit shenanigans.
WHEN: Backlogged to late September / early October. A Thursday.
WHERE: Zetsu's office.
WARNINGS: Top. Sekrit. Shenanigans. And a lot of supposedly meaningful glances to create plotholes.

Deidara had woken up too late to arrive at seven, but he'd managed to make it to that side of school before twenty minutes past the hour. He'd gotten himself a coffee, possibly to keep himself from being too irritable at a guy who was probably going to decide his fate (like he actually gave a shit) for acting like he was better than him because he knew big words and had some stupid paper saying he was smarter, but mostly because he'd forgotten why he'd woken before seven in the first place until the coffee gave him a bit of a brain boost.

This whole thing was stupid, in his opinion.

Why couldn't he just email him and say, "You suck. Get out of school and go do your art." At least he could have respected a guy with that kind of balls, and hearing that sort of thing would probably give him the sense to do just that because he couldn't have cared less about all this degree and education crap, though he'd still probably have wound up leaving a bomb in his office drawer or something, just for kicks.

So caught up in his thoughts, Deidara didn't realise he'd passed the office he was looking for, checking the numbers on a nearby door, and circled back. He didn't bother knocking before he let himself in.

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2009-10-17 06:37 pm UTC (link)
One of the best things about having, effectively speaking, two different psyches was that a person could be hugely productive. Half of his attention was solely focused on the pages in front of him, and half of his attention was completely gone. Without thought, Zetsu had allowed his left eye to drift shut, his right darting easily over the words he was writing. It was much easier this way; half of his brain was moving just as calmly as always, and the other half was ticking away the minutes that the blond bomber was late.

Had he been a more single-minded person, he might have brooded over it more. That the boy was like him, like his-- like the little bits of the past that still struck him now and then when the students were particularly animated. How understandable it was to act out, to want something better out of life than the drag that the city instilled into unsullied young minds kept clear of the working life. That trail of unproductive thoughts, thankfully, were sequestered to the tiniest portion of the back of the dean's mind, and completely eliminated as the tardy student slumped into the office unceremoniously.

"Not a good way to start this meeting, is it," he murmured, slowly remembering to open his left eye as he finished the last few thoughts on the record he was correcting.

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2009-10-17 06:50 pm UTC (link)
"Said it was an appointment, not a meeting, yeah," Deidara grumbled, though he wouldn't have been able to really argue the differences if it was asked of him.

He didn't take much note of both eyes opening, because he was not observant of that sort of thing and because he was too used to seeing out of his only good one to think anything of others who preferred it that way, too. It wasn't like he was blind, but seeing weird out of one eye and not the other sucked, Deidara thought, so why bother using it at all?

Instead of taking a seat for himself, he took his backpack from his shoulder and dropped it into the chair on the side opposite Zetsu's desk. Deidara was comfortable enough leaning on the arm of the chair, acting like he didn't expect to be here very long at all. "So?"

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2009-10-17 07:27 pm UTC (link)
"So if you miss any more class, we'll have to have a meeting with quite a few more people."

It wasn't particularly funny. In fact, it wasn't funny at all. It was a Very Serious Matter, the potential future of a young man in his prime. That didn't stop the left half of his lips from tugging slightly up at an amused angle. After all, there were already three of them. Two of them. Quite a few more people.

Licking the side of his thumb lightly, Zetsu reached down to brush open the other folder on his desk, not bothering to hide the contents from the boy before him. After all, the angry red marks littered all over this young man's transcripts were hardly a secret from either of them. Absences, attitude, apparent illiteracy--these triple-thread of A's weren't secrets from anyone even vaguely acquainted with Deidara's life, if the angry notes from irate professors were any indication.

"So... well, I'd say the 'so' is how we're going to stop that from happening." He didn't bother hiding the slight shifting of tones as he spoke. It was 'quirky.' A board of mental health directors had said so. "Because none of us want to deal with that."

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2009-10-17 07:42 pm UTC (link)
"They make you go through more of these if they're gonna kick you?" Deidara asked, and it was hard to tell if he was exasperated or genuinely surprised. He leaned forward, squinting down a the words like they might make more sense. It didn't help much that they were upside down, but all the red marks across the paper were clear enough.

Had he looked at it more closely, he'd see the notes indicating grades of those projects he'd actually handed in, and those that had been accepted after he had someone else re-write his garble of words into something ledgible. Deidara was smart enough to get the whole idea of this all and get out of here with fairly decent grades, but he thought himself smarter in how he believed getting pushed through this whole system of schooling was utter bullshit.

Without agreeing directly, he slipped into the chair, half seated on his backpack, balancing his coffee on his right knee, though he still had a hand by it in case it started to slip. "That sounds like a waste of my fuckin' time."

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2009-10-17 08:24 pm UTC (link)
The first comment brought an actual smile to both halves of Zetsu's lips. There was always something charming about people who were unfazed by authority. At least, by this sort of authority. It would have been fascinating to learn, of course, whether or not setting his SW1911 on top of the file would have had any sort of effect on the debonair attitude of the little spark-plug in front of him. Another nice part of effectively having two minds was that a good deal of his energy could wander off into the world where he wouldn't get a slap on the wrist for pulling a weapon on a student while the other part pursed his lips a little and flipped through the pages of the file on his desk.

"Your academic career, however, is not, Deidara," Zetsu replied evenly in his calmer, more serious voice. His index finger tapped absently at a few lines while his thumb toyed absently with the ring adorning his pinky finger.

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2009-10-17 08:57 pm UTC (link)
Deidara couldn't help but roll his visible eye, but it was mostly over the word choice. Academic career. It made it sound like he was getting something out it other than headaches and the chance to interact with morons. There were a million other ways to say that, he was sure, that didn't make him sound like such a stuck up.

"So where the fuck's it takin' me, ah? What do I gotta do?" It wasn't like he really cared, and Deidara leaned back, shoulders hitting the chair and nearly knocking his coffee off his knee with the motion. He saved it, lifting the paper cup up to his lips and keeping it there, fingers wrapped around it.

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2009-10-23 09:30 pm UTC (link)
There were answers. There were moments of academic rote, words to be said to ensure that the land (in its most metaphorical form) could continue its growth and development by the encouragement of the youth. There were things Zetsu was paid to repeat, which he could already feel his tongue curling around, which his lips were parting to allow to escape.

Then there were the details he was rewarded for noticing, like the way the lines of a person's annoyed expression made them suddenly look a good deal like another person or the frustrated intonations a boy could make that matched a recognizable speech pattern of a man he knew or the much more obvious flash of a ring on the hand of a person seated before him.

The answers remained in the back of his consciousness, ready to be pulled up and played back at will. His lips, however, paused completely, head tilting to the left as he remained focused on the connections his brain was creating at a rapid fire. With the slightest hint of delicacy to his tone, Zetsu responded calmly, "It's taking you a good deal farther than you'd have gone on your own, dumbass."

Well. Maybe as much delicacy as a sledgehammer to the conversation.

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2009-10-24 04:54 am UTC (link)
He wasn't much concerned with the fact that Zetsu calling him a dumbass probably broke some sort of protocol, seeing as how he'd never read the student hand guide and really didn't care to. Tapping the cup against his lips, tip of his tongue showing enough to touch the rim that still tasted of coffee, he considered what sort of argument he could make against his need for being here. It didn't take long to settle, as his mind was only ever truly focused on one thing.

"It ain't like I got too far to go, yeah," Deidara said with a rising grin that threatened to split his face. It almost challenged Zetsu to try and deny it.

He didn't expect the man before him to understand what he was talking about - art. It was always art for Deidara. He'd come to understand long ago that he was surrounded by morons that knew nothing of the world as he saw and experienced it, and though he'd not given up trying to explain, he figured he didn't have enough time in his life to throw his opinion at everyone he came across.

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2009-10-27 01:55 pm UTC (link)
As with most challenges in his life, this one was accepted with the blunt calm of unstrapping a (in this case metaphorical) glock and leveling at the face of the person standing in his way.

It took half a second to seal his lips, click his tongue against the back for his teeth and make his mind forcibly shift into a more calculated tone of voice. "I wouldn't be so sure about that. For the sort of life you're clearly intending to live," he gestured slightly toward the boy before him, a less-than-critical brow arching slightly, "you'll need to drag yourself farther to keep yourself afloat. This isn't the market to be throwing yourself on the whim of eccentric collectors."

True, Zetsu wasn't completely sure what Deidara intended to do with his art. That didn't mean, kind and thoughtful dean that he was, that he wouldn't make his best effort to save yet another starving artist from the edge. Particularly such a well-connected one as this.

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