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Deidara ([info]artgasming) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-17 12:40:00

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Avoiding Expulsion [CLOSED]
WHO: Deidara ([info]artgasmng) and Zetsu ([info]_feedme).
WHAT: Deidara getting in trouble for skipping class. Also top sekrit shenanigans.
WHEN: Backlogged to late September / early October. A Thursday.
WHERE: Zetsu's office.
WARNINGS: Top. Sekrit. Shenanigans. And a lot of supposedly meaningful glances to create plotholes.

Deidara had woken up too late to arrive at seven, but he'd managed to make it to that side of school before twenty minutes past the hour. He'd gotten himself a coffee, possibly to keep himself from being too irritable at a guy who was probably going to decide his fate (like he actually gave a shit) for acting like he was better than him because he knew big words and had some stupid paper saying he was smarter, but mostly because he'd forgotten why he'd woken before seven in the first place until the coffee gave him a bit of a brain boost.

This whole thing was stupid, in his opinion.

Why couldn't he just email him and say, "You suck. Get out of school and go do your art." At least he could have respected a guy with that kind of balls, and hearing that sort of thing would probably give him the sense to do just that because he couldn't have cared less about all this degree and education crap, though he'd still probably have wound up leaving a bomb in his office drawer or something, just for kicks.

So caught up in his thoughts, Deidara didn't realise he'd passed the office he was looking for, checking the numbers on a nearby door, and circled back. He didn't bother knocking before he let himself in.

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