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Haruno Sakura ([info]goodwithscalpel) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-21 23:17:00

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in process; closed log
WHO: Sakura and Neji
WHAT: TEA. AND MAKING UP. Or something.
WHEN: 20th of October
WHERE: Neji's apartment to start, I guess.
WARNINGS: The sex is in another castle.

It was a bit of a thrill. Maybe not a thrill--maybe that was not the right word for it--but it felt so liberating, to be able to talk to Neji again. Not that they had stopped talking -- aside from that one time she had told him to stop, a week prior to today -- but it was like somehow, through the awkward confession that had followed the awkward fight between Neji and Naruto, and through her own journey within her own mind to try and put things in perspective, or put them in a logical order, or try to make sense of them and decide on something, to be able to hear Neji's voice on the phone sound relieved and a bit happy was a relief on its own.

Things had changed, sure, but they weren't so different. She still cared about him, and she still felt that impulse to invade his personal space bubble whenever she felt down, and that meant that nothing was lost. (So she knew he and Naruto had had sex, but it was their life--their, their, their life, she overly repeated.) She had actually missed him. Even though she'd seen him and talked to him, the last ten months had been strange, like he wasn't Neji, and to know that who waited behind those doors would be closer to the man she knew brought a smile to her lips.

She raised her hand, and rang the doorbell. He'd mentioned tea, after all.

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