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Haruno Sakura ([info]goodwithscalpel) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-21 23:17:00

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Entry tags:closed log, neji, sakura

in process; closed log
WHO: Sakura and Neji
WHAT: TEA. AND MAKING UP. Or something.
WHEN: 20th of October
WHERE: Neji's apartment to start, I guess.
WARNINGS: The sex is in another castle.

It was a bit of a thrill. Maybe not a thrill--maybe that was not the right word for it--but it felt so liberating, to be able to talk to Neji again. Not that they had stopped talking -- aside from that one time she had told him to stop, a week prior to today -- but it was like somehow, through the awkward confession that had followed the awkward fight between Neji and Naruto, and through her own journey within her own mind to try and put things in perspective, or put them in a logical order, or try to make sense of them and decide on something, to be able to hear Neji's voice on the phone sound relieved and a bit happy was a relief on its own.

Things had changed, sure, but they weren't so different. She still cared about him, and she still felt that impulse to invade his personal space bubble whenever she felt down, and that meant that nothing was lost. (So she knew he and Naruto had had sex, but it was their life--their, their, their life, she overly repeated.) She had actually missed him. Even though she'd seen him and talked to him, the last ten months had been strange, like he wasn't Neji, and to know that who waited behind those doors would be closer to the man she knew brought a smile to her lips.

She raised her hand, and rang the doorbell. He'd mentioned tea, after all.

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2009-10-22 08:20 pm UTC (link)
Neji was not the type to indulge in boundless optimism, yet at the moment, he was hard-pressed to keep a hold on his habitual skepticism. Hearing from Sakura had been a greater relief than he would have suspected, yet the feeling that she was not angry at him and willing to offer him a hand for them to ease back into some semblance of their former friendship had him in unnaturally high spirits.

Of course, of course this was only the beginning. He was still at odds with Naruto - if it could even be called that, they hadn't even talked since the incident - and didn't know how to treat quite a number of his friends, but looking back on the past months, he at least reserved the right to feel more genuine about himself now.

As he had been pacing in the living room, it didn't take very long for him to get to the door and thoughtlessly grab whichever coat hung closest, but he ceased all movement to regain composure before deciding to open. Neji wasn't exactly asking for commentary on his odd bout of enthusiasm. Nonetheless, his eyes quickly sought out his friends in an unspoken question.

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2009-10-23 12:06 am UTC (link)
She couldn't help but smile when she saw him again. It was simply instinctual. She shared the same optimism as he did, unbeknowst to her, that because they had managed to talk somehow, things would get better. Things would.

She took in his appearance, wondering if he had paced before she'd arrived, and somehow knowing he had. Knowing that he'd need a confirmation that she really wasn't mad, that she really believed her words, that she was mature enough to be able to get over her own silly little jealousies.

"Neji..." she said, after a long time, one hand rubbing her neck. "I missed you."

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2009-10-23 12:37 am UTC (link)
The small smile that spread on his lips didn't quite do his sentiments of relief justice, but Neji wasn't the blatant type, after all. Briefly inclining his head, his eyes traveled from the gesture of her hand back to a green pair.

"I'm glad you came." Saying so had seldom felt so genuine to him in the past weeks. Still, he tried to keep the sentimentalities limited so as to not border too close to what had caused their odds in the first place. "Shall we?"

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2009-10-23 12:38 am UTC (link)
"Yeah," she answered, stepping back to allow him to close the door behind him. "Where are we going?"

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2009-10-23 12:44 am UTC (link)
"It depends," He replied deliberately as he stepped down to cross the small front yard, "On whether you are hungry or not."

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2009-10-24 11:57 pm UTC (link)
"I suppose I could eat something, if you're allowed to ingest food at this time of year, that is," she retorted, following him with such ease that it surprised even herself. Maybe it really was a sign of how things would be better.

"You know I hate eating alone."

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2009-10-25 12:25 am UTC (link)
"I won't be going to work for another while." It was only partially because he didn't feel like putting up with whining make up artists bemoaning his fading bruises and scrapes, and he'd stopped hurting the other day, but for once in ages, he was perfectly aware he would not be able to concentrate sufficiently. Did not feel like bothering.

Was taking what - a break?

"So I might be able to afford a meal this week," He closed plainly, wrapping her joke in nonchalance as he circled his car to open the passenger door for her.

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2009-10-25 12:36 am UTC (link)
"Ah, I guess I can understand that," she said, getting into the car, and leaning back comfortably in her seat. He did have an awesome car.

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2009-10-28 07:04 pm UTC (link)
Speaking of which, he'd only recently started feeling quite comfortable with the vehicle again. Whether it was people insisting on getting their fingers on it to do one or the other tweak of harm, memories that came with it, or the fact that Neji had had too many things on his mind to simply enjoy driving, something had always been in the way.

Perhaps it was the destination or the company, but his fingers curled around the steering wheel with fondness today after he'd buckled up. Not enough to seem distracted, though. "Did you feel like any cuisine in particular?" He inquired over the noise of a starting motor.

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2009-10-28 07:26 pm UTC (link)
"Not really, no, " she replied, fastening her seatbelt dilligently. The purr of the engine was a familiar sound, and welcomed, because it reminded her of how often she'd been in this car.

"So, this may be the first time you haven't frowned at what I'm wearing."

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2009-10-28 08:21 pm UTC (link)
"I see no reason to," He conceded mildly as he glanced over his shoulder, then pulled out of the parking lane. Truly, there was nothing wrong with the pick of her getup. It was casual, suited for the winter, and he might even recognize the pair of boots she was wearing. "Although, if you would like me to do so belatedly..."

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2009-10-28 08:23 pm UTC (link)
"Sure, why not? I've missed it. Spotlight of the day, the first few minutes when we meet and you go dot dot dot at me."

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2009-10-28 08:32 pm UTC (link)
His head merely inclined towards her, eyes still concentrating on the traffic, but after a moment of due consideration, he humoured her:

"Dot dot dot."

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2009-10-28 08:33 pm UTC (link)
She laughed out loud at that, and that feeling was incredibly liberating. Much like with Naruto, she guessed, with the first laugh, clouds dissipated fast. This was a good thing.

"You're better than Ino, at lest."

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2009-10-28 08:36 pm UTC (link)
His brow almost instantaneously furrowed in skepticism at that despite the ease of tension between them.

"I would certainly hope so."

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2009-10-28 10:16 pm UTC (link)
"Then again, most everyone is better than Ino," she joked, knowing that somewhere in town Ino was sneezing.

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