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Uzumaki Naruto ([info]impellere) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-10-27 17:21:00

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Who: Naruto & Neji
What: Something awkward After a week of trying to figure out the how's and why's Naruto drops by for a visit. Immediately following this post and followed by this log~
Where: That big place with the loft and the... Yeah. Hyuuga's apartment.
When: 11.1o.o9 [l-lol]

There was only so much that can be done on the phone. What could occur did. Naruto had said what he thought he needed to despite the fact that the blame went ignored,a heavy feeling settling in his gut the moment he hung up the phone. Nothing changed between that day and the week that passed except more worry as the idea that Tenten really left to another country sunk in. Though it wasn't like when they were kids and someone would run away to a nearby park to hide out. This was a whole other venture that Naruto was in no means secure enough to take.

He couldn't fly a plane, or hijack one. His ninja skills were not that spectacular. And who would babysit Kiba if he were stuck in jail with no Tenten to bail him out? She needed to be back for the circle of life as Naruto knew it to continue moving smoothly!

Arriving to the conclusion that he would need help to fetch Tenten and bring her back home kicking and screaming only left him with one option. It didn't matter that that particular door was the last one he wanted to show up at. Handling brief flashbacks of that night from nearly a year ago had already compromised his better judgment of showing up at all. Skipping his stop and staying on the city bus was far more tempting than impending doom.

There was only a half hour bus ride between him and the block he would have to walk to arrive at Neji's apartment. It was a very, slow walk.

Every step was like a stab to his pride but he made it onto the front step safe and breathed in deep, a kitten carrier on his shoulder and finger on the bell. Itoshii was curled in his arm, bundled there for warmth. Sure Naruto feared being left outside.

With Itoshii out there was little chance he would go ignored. Unless Neji was heartless. Naruto would just have to take his chances.

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