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Aburame Shino ([info]strongsilentype) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-11-22 17:57:00

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[closed - ongoing | if you're happy and you know it]
WHO: Sakura, Shino
WHAT: Apparently people take breaks when they're studying. Sakura attempts to enforce this onto Shino by offering him a heaping helping of silly.
WHERE: Library-- and then wherever Sakura drags them.
WHEN: 22.Nov.09

He didn't fully understand why there were so many women in his life these days. His phone, which had only ever held family contact information and the occasional lab partner, now received frequent texts from two female classmates. His evenings were beginning to be interrupted by girls who wanted to go for walks and 'be silly,' whatever that meant. Perhaps it was because he'd had so little female influence in his early life, but even simply the few female friends he had rather suddenly acquired since the beginning of this year were beginning to feel overwhelming.

If Shino were completely honest with himself, the real tension hadn't started until his night out with Yamanaka. She wasn't someone he knew well to begin with, which had been disconcerting enough; spending class time with Sakura was clearly beginning to push him in the direction of a more sociable person. Sociable or not, he had been in no way prepared for the experience of a night out partying with the princess. The crush of people, the overwhelming stench of cheap beer, the overly familiar way she'd latched onto his arm and planted a sloppy kiss against his cheek; it still brought twitches to the corners of his eyes and tension to his fingers.

Sakura was probably right. He needed a break.

Seeing Tenten had felt like a break. The relief of watching her lips twitch into little smiles had taken a good deal of the weight off his shoulders. Still, relaxing through it was, studying for his next literature exam all day hadn't actually done much to improve his mood. A walk would help. If only for that reason, he found himself loitering outside of the library where he usually worked, tugging his collar up a hair more against the chilly air and smoothing a finger over the face of his cellphone, waiting.

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