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Aburame Shino ([info]strongsilentype) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-11-22 17:57:00

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Entry tags:closed log, sakura, shino

[closed - ongoing | if you're happy and you know it]
WHO: Sakura, Shino
WHAT: Apparently people take breaks when they're studying. Sakura attempts to enforce this onto Shino by offering him a heaping helping of silly.
WHERE: Library-- and then wherever Sakura drags them.
WHEN: 22.Nov.09

He didn't fully understand why there were so many women in his life these days. His phone, which had only ever held family contact information and the occasional lab partner, now received frequent texts from two female classmates. His evenings were beginning to be interrupted by girls who wanted to go for walks and 'be silly,' whatever that meant. Perhaps it was because he'd had so little female influence in his early life, but even simply the few female friends he had rather suddenly acquired since the beginning of this year were beginning to feel overwhelming.

If Shino were completely honest with himself, the real tension hadn't started until his night out with Yamanaka. She wasn't someone he knew well to begin with, which had been disconcerting enough; spending class time with Sakura was clearly beginning to push him in the direction of a more sociable person. Sociable or not, he had been in no way prepared for the experience of a night out partying with the princess. The crush of people, the overwhelming stench of cheap beer, the overly familiar way she'd latched onto his arm and planted a sloppy kiss against his cheek; it still brought twitches to the corners of his eyes and tension to his fingers.

Sakura was probably right. He needed a break.

Seeing Tenten had felt like a break. The relief of watching her lips twitch into little smiles had taken a good deal of the weight off his shoulders. Still, relaxing through it was, studying for his next literature exam all day hadn't actually done much to improve his mood. A walk would help. If only for that reason, he found himself loitering outside of the library where he usually worked, tugging his collar up a hair more against the chilly air and smoothing a finger over the face of his cellphone, waiting.

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2009-11-23 01:34 am UTC (link)
It didn't take long for Sakura to get to the library on campus. She'd just thrown on a coat, not caring very much about her attire, even if he sometimes made her feel slightly self-conscious. They were going to be silly tonight. Somehow. Elegance had no place in those plans.

So, she walked down the road leading to the library, not half an hour later, her hands in her pockets, breath puffing out in visible clouds around her mouth. When she saw him, of course, there was the instant reaction-- she grined widely, and picked up her pace, almost into a run, stopping in front of him.


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2009-11-23 01:49 am UTC (link)
The little spring that was added to her step was duly noted, a fact to be filed away just like any other fact about the people he spent time with on a regular basis. Offering a little upward flick of one corner of his lips, Shino nodded at the girl as her excited energy settled into simply standing in front of him.


It was enough between friends, as far as he could tell, to simply acknowledge one another as a form of greeting. Besides, it felt completely comfortable to do so. It was easier to remember that friendship and time with women wasn't horribly difficult when someone like the Haruno girl was smiling up at him like this.

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2009-11-23 01:55 am UTC (link)
"So, ready for a walk? It's getting darker, so it'll only make it more exciting," she said, bouncing slightly on her feet.

"I'll take you to the park where I saw the butterfly."

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2009-11-23 02:03 am UTC (link)
A calm quirk settled at the corner of his lips, settling in comfortably for the long haul of their conversation. Shino nodded once before offering a few words to accompany the sentiment.

"If you like. You won't be cold?"

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2009-11-23 02:06 am UTC (link)
"I'll warm up, don't worry," she answered, waving his worry off dissmissively.

"Do you have everything with you?"

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2009-11-23 02:09 am UTC (link)

He tilted his head slightly to the side, a quizzical little crease in his brow. Whether or not he was becoming more comfortable with people in general--let alone girls--Shino still found most of the other students at the university fairly inexplicable. No reason to assume he knew what she meant at all.

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2009-11-23 02:12 am UTC (link)
"Your school stuff. Everything you brought with you to the library--don't think this will be a short walk. Better not leave anything behind."

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2009-11-23 02:22 am UTC (link)
With a little shake of his head, Shino carefully extracted a hand from one of his pockets to reach up and adjust his glasses. "I was studying in my room. This simply seemed to be a more convenient place to meet."

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2009-11-23 02:48 am UTC (link)
"Oh, right. I almost forgot." She gives him a sheepish laugh.

"Well, then we're all set." She doesn't wait for him to acquiesce, instead, turning around 180ยบ and walking back the way she came from. The park she has in mind, especially, has one major attraction that might help in helping him come to the dark and silly side.

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2009-11-23 02:55 am UTC (link)
She was certainly a strange girl. Charming in her own way, of course, but very strange. The same calm almost-smile on his lips, Shino shook his head and settled both hands back into his pockets. Without a word, as usual, he fell into step beside her, a slightly quizzical tilt to his head.

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2009-11-23 03:05 am UTC (link)
She should not feel awkward around him, since this is just a walk, with no hidden intention. At all. And even if she considers him remotely cute--which she does--in that socially awkward, intelligent as hell, handsome in his own way, way--which he is--that shouldn't make her feel like an idiot for forgetting the facts of a conversation held not half an hour ago.

She breaks the silence. "What were you studying for?"

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2009-11-23 03:10 am UTC (link)
The comfortable silence bled quietly into the young woman's soft question. Sakura clearly hadn't gotten the memo that no matter how well he could formulate a text message or email, small talk had never been (and would likely never be) his forte. Thankfully, he was good at forcing the polite card when he got himself into jams like this.

"...mostly that literature class."

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2009-11-23 03:17 am UTC (link)
"Oh, god, that one," she groans, scrunching up her nose. "I don't even know what I'll do about it. I think I'll study the theory, but as far as text analysis, it'll be a gamble when the exam rolls around."

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2009-11-23 03:27 am UTC (link)
In response, Shino could only offer a slight shrug of his shoulders and the gentle pursing of his lips. It took a moment to pull up the words, to formulate his thoughts into the level of casual conversation required for the situation. "You'll do well."

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2009-11-23 03:31 am UTC (link)
"Don't expect so much of me, Shino. I'll be disappointed in myself if I disappointed you," she teased, looking at him with a small smile teasing along her lips.

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2009-11-23 03:35 am UTC (link)
"You'll do well because you're a thoughtful person," he rebutted in his usual slow monotone. "There's no reason to believe a person with your skill level and obvious powers of retention won't perform well in this sort of situation. Don't worry about it," Shino tacked on as an afterthought, shoulders loosening into what was meant to be a reassuring position of comfort and ease.

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2009-11-23 03:54 am UTC (link)
It was impossible not to feel pleased by that judgement. He seemed to have a talent of putting her at ease, even though he was as awkward as he was sometimes. "I don't. You shouldn't either. Overdoing it with your studies will just make everything jumble up."

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2009-11-23 04:15 am UTC (link)
The slight smile tugged a hair wider for a moment on his lips before he nestled deeper into his collar, more or less hiding his mouth from view. There wasn't much else to be said; only the comfortable silence to settle back into peacefully.

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2009-11-23 04:22 am UTC (link)
She allowed him that, a small smile playing on her lips as they kept walking. It really was starting to get darker. Hopefully, by the time they reached the park, all the children would be gone, and they'd be able to do what she had planned. She only hoped that he would agree with her plans.

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2009-11-23 04:30 am UTC (link)
Walking quietly beside Sakura was... really rather lovely. She wasn't a demanding person to walk with--no hand-holding or unbearable amounts of idle chatter. Listening to the way their footsteps fell in and out of step was lovely. He had longer legs, which quickened her step every now and then, or made his own pace slacken when he realized that he had no idea where they were headed.

Perhaps she was right. Perhaps relaxing like this was important.

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2009-11-23 04:33 am UTC (link)
The more they progress, the more she smiles, unable to stop herself. When they're at the park's entrance, she gives him a mischevous smile, before picking up speed again.

As they draw closer to the playground itself, she notes that it's empty at this hour, and gleefully starts to run to it, only stopping when she's at the swing. She turns around to face him, see him as he approaches, and sits down on the swing, starting to move on it.

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2009-11-23 04:47 am UTC (link)
Shino didn't need to break the silence when they arrived at their apparent destination. There weren't really words for the fact that she'd brought him to a children's playground to help him relax.l

He couldn't remember the last time he had been to a playground. It was possible that he'd never really spent time in one. Their arrival at the swing set simply brought a more fully bemused expression to his face, brows knitting together a little as he gave his head a slight tilt to the right.

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2009-11-23 12:12 pm UTC (link)
For the moment, she wasn't moving too fast. As he drew closer, she offered the challenge: "Swing with me."

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2009-11-25 04:48 pm UTC (link)
There didn't need to be a verbal response. Even someone who wasn't accustomed to reading faces would surely understand what a sudden severe arch of an eyebrow meant, particularly when coupled with a slight bemused parting of the lips and quizzical sideways tilt of the head.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-11-25 04:56 pm UTC (link)
She laughed slightly, and jumped off the swing while it was in mid air, rushing to him. "Too inmature? You'll have fun. Honest," she said, insisted, and even went as far as lightly touching his wrist. Testing the waters, so to speak, to see if she could get away with touch.

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