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22nd-Nov-2009 05:57 pm - [closed - ongoing | if you're happy and you know it]
... 8\
WHO: Sakura, Shino
WHAT: Apparently people take breaks when they're studying. Sakura attempts to enforce this onto Shino by offering him a heaping helping of silly.
WHERE: Library-- and then wherever Sakura drags them.
WHEN: 22.Nov.09

Sakura was probably right. He needed a break.  )
17th-Oct-2009 11:58 am - [closed - complete | umberto]
did you ask for unnecessary cute?
WHO: Hinata, Shino
WHAT: Sometimes the library is boring and sometimes you meet a potential bff.
WHERE: Campus library
WHEN: (tentatively) Friday September 18, midmorning
WARNINGS: Dorky and adorable. Fluff needed to be thrown at the comm and this log was finished a million years ago.

Something would break the monotony, sooner or later. )
13th-Oct-2009 09:16 pm - wip log; closed; can I have both?
does this make me look fat?
Who: Sakura, Shino
What: Shino's protip to Conquering the World: Get along well with the women. When scorned, they make awesome weapons. (Translation: tea getting, talk, and gasp could it bonding?)
When: October 13th, afternoon
Where: Milky Dipper café
Warning(s): That café name. 8D Jen might strangle me, or maybe not. :D No warnings.

It's not prodding if she's opening up so easily. )
4th-Oct-2009 03:35 am - done!; closed log;
just before i break your jaw
Who: Sakura, Shino, Lit Class full of NPCs
What: The hard science kids hiding in the back of the class while the lit majors pontificate all over the place in the front. Also, there's a spider, and Sakura's geeky past comes to light.
Where: Literature Class, in whatever college we are, Jesus.
When: Friday, October 2nd

Now watch me charm you out of that shell. )
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