The Last Stretch
One last run before real life starts.
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27th-Sep-2009 12:50 am - You meet her in a parking lot . . .
Who: Ino. And every in Japan. In her pants
What: Birthday. Late. Birthday. AHAH.
When: September 23rd, late evening
Where: idc that this place is in London irl. PRETEND.

So. Much. Purple.

Balloons everywhere and enough sparkles to blind Liberace on a good day. The music was blasting loudly and people were piling in. Some of which were right off the street, but who cared? Free food, open bar. All for the little princess of the ball. Who was the girl? Why did she matter? The crew and waiters of the club weren't paid to care. They were there to service the patrons every whim, working the night to perfection. One last click at the cascading curtain of lights flickered on completing the violet beautiful disaster that was the parties theme.

They were paid to make dreams happen. Dreams that would cover all the expenses for the lights, hired body gaurds, and DJ. Perfection.

The bass from the speakers stretched out into the city streets, high beats wrapping themselves around all that would hear, dragging the victims in to join the madness. What did it matter that no one knew who the girl was? This was her party and they could go on living without knowing.

A platform for their bodies to move made her just as important as she would be had they known her name. Happy birthday, mystery girl.

[OOC: Britt. You. OWE. Me.]
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