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Nara Shikamaru // 奈良・シカマル ([info]haecceity) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-11-24 22:48:00

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WHO: Shikamaru, Temari
WHAT: lmao IDK.
WHEN: 20/11/2009.

See, the thing about his status in the school was, while he was still considered one of the school's workers, it didn't give him the responsibility associated with the position. Or the power. Or the name. Or the influence. Or... anything, really, except that he got money from the school with a little bit of added resources.

Hence why he was being kicked out of his own classroom during his own office hours.

Not that he minded. Nothing ever bothered Shikamaru as much as he said it bothered him. So long as he could get by in life without much of a hassle, despite his vocal protests if any at all, chances were, he probably didn't mind it.

Bag slung over his shoulder, he walked ever so slowly towards the benches. If there was one social outcast out of a group of about... sixty people that were currently occupying the benches, there was about a fourth of a chance that he'd be able to occupy a spot, regardless of the person sitting next to him.

And when he saw all the benches occupied save for one, he scoffed at the sight of Temari occupying her fat ass on almost the entire bench.


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