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Nara Shikamaru // 奈良・シカマル ([info]haecceity) wrote in [info]last_stretch,
@ 2009-11-24 22:48:00

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Entry tags:closed log, shikamaru, temari

WHO: Shikamaru, Temari
WHAT: lmao IDK.
WHEN: 20/11/2009.

See, the thing about his status in the school was, while he was still considered one of the school's workers, it didn't give him the responsibility associated with the position. Or the power. Or the name. Or the influence. Or... anything, really, except that he got money from the school with a little bit of added resources.

Hence why he was being kicked out of his own classroom during his own office hours.

Not that he minded. Nothing ever bothered Shikamaru as much as he said it bothered him. So long as he could get by in life without much of a hassle, despite his vocal protests if any at all, chances were, he probably didn't mind it.

Bag slung over his shoulder, he walked ever so slowly towards the benches. If there was one social outcast out of a group of about... sixty people that were currently occupying the benches, there was about a fourth of a chance that he'd be able to occupy a spot, regardless of the person sitting next to him.

And when he saw all the benches occupied save for one, he scoffed at the sight of Temari occupying her fat ass on almost the entire bench.


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2009-11-25 01:05 am UTC (link)
Having high standards can sometimes come back to bite you in the ass. For one thing, having standards severely limits your choice of friends. Temari's lack of social skills were never more pronounced than at lunch, when while it was customary for most people to sit with their friends or their clique in a predetermined spot on campus, Temari sat alone on a bench reading and eating a sandwich. She had her legs curled under her and her book bag and its contents strewn around the remaining space, making it impossible for anyone to sit next to her.

This was entirely on purpose.

Temari was never bothered by eating alone. In fact, she liked it more than sitting next to some idiot and filling the air with useless chatter that bored her to the verge of tears. She placed her sandwich down on the napkin in her lap and turned the page, her eyes darting to the top right before she was interrupted.
Instinctively, she snapped her head up and blurted "Excuse me?" in her most warning voice before even considering who it was. Only Nara. Hmm. How to answer his usual discourteous bullshit. She could tell him how to say please in three different languages, in case he didn't know how it was pronounced in Japanese. She could even nag him about Barbie, his wife-to-be. That always pissed him off.

On the other hand, she could always just tell him to fuck off.

"Get lost, Nara," she said, uninterested, "I'm busy." She then slouched against the back of the bench lazily, making it extremely clear she wasn't busy at all.

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all the better! 8)
2009-11-25 03:03 am UTC (link)
That clearly didn't phase him as much as it would phase other normal people. Shikamaru was never one to judge based on reputation, stereotypes, and so on. Not when it came down to the whole being of a person, and not just jabbing at gender discrimination. And if Temari was one of those famed people to fear on campus, Shikamaru probably didn't care much of it. He just wanted a place to sit so he could eat lunch and wait out the hours until he could catch the bus and get back home.

Temari was obviously preventing him from going on with his plan of the day. Putting on his unamused front, he twitched a brow before waiting patiently as Shikamaru could go.

Which was pretty patient. He had all the time in the world, after all.

"There's no other seats."

No other way.

Well, there were other solutions. Shikamaru could think of over 200 other moves after this all involving him finding another place to eat lunch at, but this was the most convenient. And he didn't feel like straying too far from his designated plan. So here he was, waiting Temari out because he was too damn lazy to think up of something else.

"What do you want me to say? That I want to sit with you or something?"

Because he will say it. He just won't mean it. :')

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2009-11-25 06:11 am UTC (link)
He wasn't leaving. She could tell by the way a long, skinny, annoying shadow still lingered over the pages of her book. Her nose wrinkled in distaste. She didn't want to sit with anyone; especially not this anyone. Sure, she would put up with him once or twice a week to play a game of shogi (because he was the only one left on campus who would play her, let alone win), but that was as far as her patience with him went. She definitely didn't want to talk to him, let alone have him sit next to her while she ate.

"Why would I want you to lie to me, Nara?" she asked flatly in response to his question, turning another page. She wasn't stupid. She knew they weren't friends. Then again, Temari's perspective of friendship was very skewed. In her view, friends were people who you met with regularly and could talk to without wanting to wrap your hands around their throat.

Shikamaru fit all criteria but the last one.

Rationally, if there was any person who she could trust to sit next to her and not try to converse or say anything at all, it was Shikamaru. However, Temari didn't want to be rational. Temari wanted to be a bitch and ignore him. Why? Because he poisoned her air supply. Every time he came within ten feet of her she became rude, moody, and irritated. He made her act like such a...

...such a girl.

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2009-11-25 02:56 pm UTC (link)
"I wouldn't be lying—" he replied almost instinctively. On a technical note, he did want to sit with her just to have a place to sit and have his lunch without being rushed or nagged for anything. Perhaps it was all for selfish reasons, but Shikamaru made it a point to come off as such. It made everything easier to handle. People weren't expecting favors from him. People weren't expecting him to be accomodating. People just weren't expecting him to do anything beyond the ordinary.

He preferred it that way.

"—not in the way you're implying, anyway."

Hands in his pockets, he stared down at the idle Temari, studying her movements carefully. He was good at observing. He was also good at pretending to stare down at someone when all he was doing was observing them.

Instead, he let out a sigh and scratched the back of his head. This was a pointless bitch battle and he was willing to give in only because he was a guy. It's not his job to be a bitch altogether. "Just move, Temari. I just need twenty minutes or something."

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2009-11-25 07:26 pm UTC (link)
Her fingers tapped agitatedly on the glossy cover of her book. He wasn't going to leave. The one time he wasn't being a pushover was the one time she wished he would. Damn it. Prolonging this any further would just lead to her getting angrier, most likely hitting something (hard), and then there would be a whole mess of avoidable problems for her to deal with that would just lead to her arguing with a bunch of people she didn't care about.

While Temari liked arguing, she really couldn't see this as benefiting her. She pulled one leg out from under her and kicked her bag off the bench to the floor, clearing up ample space for him to sit.

"Just promise you won't do that annoying thing. You know, when you talk? It bugs me."

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2009-11-25 07:36 pm UTC (link)
But in the end, Temari wasn't as mad as she put herself out to be. Neither of them were as unsociable as they had been notorious for, and knowing that made Shikamaru less wary of Temari's passive aggressive response right back at him. He scoffed at her supposedly offensive comment and sat on the bench, taking out a sandwich. His lunch. His meager lunch that was supposed to last him until dinner.

Just because he was lazy didn't mean that he was a pushover. He just didn't like useless conflict with pain in the ass people. There was a reason behind everything he did and said, and most of the time it all boiled down to just how bored he was.

He never claimed to be that hard of a person to figure out. To read, perhaps. But to figure out? Not really.

"Is that a defensive mechanism? You're worse than your brother about these things, you know."

Oh, he's going to bother the shit out of her.

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2009-11-25 09:08 pm UTC (link)
Once when she was ten, Temari's teachers suggested she have a series of meetings with the school's anger management counselor. She went to the same woman two hours, twice a week for six weeks. After their trial, the woman told her family and teachers that she had a severely agitated personality which was why she had trouble playing with the other children. It didn't help, because Temari already knew that. She didn't want to get along with the other children. They were either jerks, or they were idiots. Shikamaru certainly wasn't an idiot, but he was unmistakably a jerk.

She had his number. He pretended to be completely uninterested in absolutely everything, but it was only so nobody knew what he was thinking. Same as her. And he was being extremely rude on purpose just to spite her, which was exactly what she would do. It pissed her off that she got so angry at what was essentially her MO. Which he stole.

"I thought I told you not to talk," she said. She didn't look up from her book. She didn't raise her voice. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

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... my english has deteriorated so bad. :(
2009-12-02 12:07 pm UTC (link)
"The times I actually do what you say is because I want to," he replied, nonchalantly checking the time on his watch. There was nothing impatient or rushed about his manners, coming from someone with a time limit. Truth was, he didn't really have to adhere to anything; whatever he wanted to do, he did. That was Shikamaru's nature that too many people had gotten familiar with.

That meant he had plenty of time to push Temari's buttons.

Shikamaru wasn't one to judge based on reputation or outward appearances—his range of friends and acquaintances showed in his surprisingly patient demeanor once one got past the TA barrier. All he determined in the end was that she was interesting, as was her brother. And in his brutal honesty disguised as just being a jerk, was another meaning:

You pass.

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geez, I leave you alone for three days...
2009-12-03 12:45 am UTC (link)
Pure, blatant disrespect. That was what this was. Stupid annoying TAs, barging in on her lunch and defying her authority. No one talked to her that way. She was captain of the girl's wrestling club for Christ's sake. Every student on campus knew she could knock their asses to the ground at any given time. And yet this snarky little bastards dared to come up and treat her like some... girl. Alright, it took guts. But they were extremely annoying guts.

There was no way she could sit quietly now. She had shown him mercy by allowing him to sit with her during her designated Temari Time, and he responded by being a complete ass. She had brought it upon herself, admittedly, but it wasn't her fault no one wanted to sit with him. Except for maybe his stupid Barbie doll, but he didn't choose to sit next to and bother the hell out of her. He chose Temari.

Hey. Wait a minute.

"Why aren't you sitting with Barbie, anyway?" she asked, playing off of her thought. She went with it. "I mean as your bride-to-be and all, you would think you would want to spend as much time with her as possible."

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/gives up studying
2009-12-03 03:21 am UTC (link)
It's not like he came to her as a TA. In the end, he was just another fourth year student, just like her... whatever year she was. An arm slung over the benchrest, he looked at the distance where people were walking, laughing, talking, and being normal people.

"We broke up," was his quick response, obviously a lie. Ino and Shikamaru may live together, but that didn't mean their group overlapped all the time. "So spare me from the heartache." Pure sarcasm. The statement reeked of it.

He rolled his eyes, unmoving and unphased at her choice of conversation. He expected as much. Sometimes, this girl was predictable. Too predictable. All the better. He didn't really like surprises.

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/is totally late
2009-12-04 05:50 am UTC (link)
On any given day, at any given moment, Temari was prepared for virtually anything. She could handle being jumped, having a test, getting fired, or any safe middle ground. However, Shikamaru turning out to have a sense of humor was something she was definitely not prepared for. And in that one moment that she wasn't in complete control, she did something that Temari would normally never, ever do.

She started to laugh.

Not just a short little giggle. This was loud, long, body-shaking laugh that persisted despite all sense telling her to stop. She just couldn't. She held the back of her wrist over her mouth in an attempt to stifle the noise, but her lips wouldn't stay closed long enough for her to shut them. It was just... it was just so incredibly ludicrous for a spineless pain in the ass like Nara to break character like this. It was funny. And it made her laugh.

"Jesus, Nara," she managed when her laughs spread out far enough to allow words in, "you are such a freak."

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it's ok, i'm always late ;.;
2009-12-04 01:19 pm UTC (link)
... what. Is it such a big deal?

To Shikamaru, he didn't crack a joke. Not one funny enough to make someone laugh just as Temari had at that time. He just made a sarcastic remark to shake off the subject. Instead, he got an unpredictable reaction. He wasn't particularly an interesting person, not one to be a big comedian, nor was he expecting anyone to laugh at anything he said. Instead, he winced at her laughter and rubbed his temples, leaning forward with his hands clasped together.

A sigh. First an annoyance, and now he was a freak? As the days passed, he seemed to be getting more and more nicknames to add to his resume, no thanks to Temari.

"I'm the freak?" he repeated, scoffing a bit at her words and reaching out to grab the book from her. Probably some unexpectedly girly book read by the local school bully. "Look in the mirror."

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