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Community Information

Below is information about the "Last Iconist Standing" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:lst_cnst_stndng (16440)
(no userpics)
Name:Last Iconist Standing
Theme:Test your icon making skills to see if you can win the challenges, be the last iconist standing.

Welcome to LaST iCoNiST STaNDiNG!

This use to be on greatestjournal, ran by Knight & myself. I've deicded that it is worth bringing back, so I hope that we get people interested in it.

Right now since it's brand spanking new, we're taking particpate...

Welcome to Last Iconist Standing. We are a general last icon maker standing (LIMS) community. You'll take part in a series of challenges. At the end of each challenge at least one person will be voted out until there is only one icon maker standing. This community is open to everyone, provided that you can take being eliminated and having your icons critiqued. Icon makers of all levels are welcome. Please look around and I hope to see you participate in the upcoming challenges!

Any questions can be directed to either [info]kuroitenshi (email) or [info]kouger_paw.

01) Do not complain if you get voted out. In all likelihood, you will be voted off eventually, so if you can not handle this, please do not participate. Flaming, bitching, and whining in general will not be tolerated.

02) Each week you will be given a theme. If it is an image theme, the only images you are allowed to use are the ones provided for you. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed unless otherwise noted. You must make an icon of the provided subject whether you like that particular subject or not. If the theme is anything other than a provided image theme, then you will have to follow the guidelines for that challenge.

03) When submitting your entry, please include both the icon and url. Please use tinypic or imageshack to upload your icon.

04) Please follow the deadlines. If your icon is not in on time, then you will automatically be disqualified even if you have a skip. Every participant has one skip and one skip only per challenge and you must comment that you want to use it for the round.

05) Do not post your icon anywhere or use it in any way until after that particular challenge is over. If we catch you, you will be disqualified.

01) Sign ups for Round 02 can be found here. You must also join the community. It would be wise to watch the community too so you don't miss any deadlines.

02) Challenges will be posted on Sundays around 10:00 pm eastern time (GMT -05:00). Submissions will be due on the following Friday around 10:00 pm eastern time. Voting will be posted shortly after the deadline and run until Sunday at 10:00 pm eastern time. Then results along with a new challenge will be posted.

If you have no idea of how the times translates to your local time, you can make use of this time zone converter.

03) When voting, you will vote for both your least favorite icon(s) AND favorite icon(s). The number of icon you will need to vote for will change depending on the week. As such, the number will be specified at the beginning of every voting post.

04) You must provide explanations on all your least favorite votes. Your votes must be based on technique and aesthetic quality and not on preferences (such as character, favorite color).

A vote such as #105 - Because I do not like black and white icons will not count.

Explanations are not required for favorite votes, but they are highly encouraged.

The mods have the right to reject any votes that are have not followed the guidelines.

05) The person(s) with the most "least favorite" votes will be eliminated. Other ways to get eliminated include: those who do not submit on time and those who do not keep their submissions anonymous. Elimination announcements and the People's Choice vote will be in every results post, along with the vote counts.

06) The person(s) with the most "favorite" votes will become the People's Choice. At the end of the round, all the favorites are round up and put in a special gallery.

07) Please include the phrase "batman" somewhere in your comment when you sign up. This way we know you have read the rules and regulations.

Coming soon, comment here to be added.

This info was taken directly from the original gj community. Thank you and have a nice day.
Interests:19: anime, awards, banners, books, brushes, challenges, colors, gradients, iconmakers, icons, icontests, lyrics, manga, movies, songs, text, textures, themes, tv
Maintainers:2: kouger_paw, kuroitenshi
Members:13: catgirl_luna, curiousvenus, deathcomes4u, eevee, franziska, kirie, kouger_paw, kuroitenshi, lunareuphoria, nunnally, poisonheart, rubbish
Watched by:10: catgirl_luna, curiousvenus, deathcomes4u, eevee, kirie, kouger_paw, kuroitenshi, lunareuphoria, nunnally, rubbish
Account type:Early Free User

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