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rockefeller. ([info]nargles) wrote in [info]promo,
@ 2010-11-28 00:55:00

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What if Voldemort wasn't the cause of the Wizarding World's oddest moment? What if, instead, a wizard that ruled the darkness before him released magic so old that it crossed barriers and reached into the future? What if you saw the future not through a crystal ball, but instead by looking into the eyes of your own children -- children that you never thought you would have?

In 1934, Dumbledore's first worst enemy (and childhood lover) Grindelwald, unleashed ancient magic. Nobody knew exactly what he had done, and the magic lay forgotten after his defeat in 1945. But, in 1977 around Christmas, two teenagers in Hufflepuff came across an ancient spell while doing some of their Defense homework. Stupidly, they decided to try it and unleashed Grindelwald's dormant spell. A spell so powerful that it pulled three generations together. The year now is 2021, and Hogwarts just started to get three generations of new students...

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