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Community Information

Below is information about the "Sales" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:sales (28770)
(no userpics)
sales !


- No fights.
- No spam. (Unless you ask a mod first! Or you're an affiliate.)
- Two posts per day maximum.
- One sample picture is allowed above the cut. It has to be under 300 width. The rest MUST be under a cut or your post will be deleted.
- Please use the feedback post!
- No selling of illegal items. Alcohol, drugs, diet pills, etc will not be tolerated. Smoking accessories are allowed. When in doubt, ask a mod.

css: milch_reis @ mintyapple

Interests:24: beauty, bracelets, buying, clothing, cute stuff, designers, dvds, earrings, fashion, garage sales, money, movies, music, paypal, purses, rings, sales, selling, selling items, style, t-shirts, thrift stores, vintage, yard sales
Maintainers:1: freebird
Moderators:1: freebird
Members:1: freebird
Watched by:2: freebird, jobhopperdave
Account type:Early Free User

(more details...)

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