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Maddy ([info]asea) wrote in [info]seacons,
@ 2008-01-20 03:21:00

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Michelle Trachtenberg - 270 icons & 11 banners.
Okay, so this set was a lot of fun for me. Reason 1: Michelle is gorgeous. Reason 2: Iconing her really made me want to play a version of Post-war Mandy Brocklehurst, as she's who I'd switch to (perhaps at Rev?) from Kat Strano (she reminds me so much of Kat, it's ridiculous; anyone who knows that Mandy should look at banner #3 for proof *g*). Reason 3: High-res, high-quality pictures are really easy to work with. So much easier than dark, grainy, yellow caps. It was nice to take a break from those kinds of images. :)

There are way more pictures I intend to icon, like candids and stuff; these are all photoshoots and appearances (and not even all of them). If I wind up PBing her, you can bet on more for sure.

Please comment and credit [info]peristyle if you use any!

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