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11/24/08 06:22 am - [info]faq - 001. Results

I've only gotten two replies and that sucks but hey whatever. I hope more of you reply!!

here you go )
I'm allowing anonymous comments on this post so you can discuss the results.

11/22/08 01:10 am - [info]faq - 001.

I guess we should start with something easy since I've hardly gotten any submissions. Please send in something. It could be as simple as "what's your favorite color" I don't care.

Who do you think is the prettiest girl and/or boy on scribbld and why?


Who do you think is really overrated and why?

For both answers, it's interesting to think about whether or not you've always thought this- or if recently they happened to impress/fail to impress you. Once I get a few answers, i'll edit this post with an LJ cut. Just to remind you- all comments you make will remain anonymous. I'll be posting the comments without usernames as they come in. If you have any questions, read the user info and if you still have problems let me know as a comment on this post and i'll address your inquiry as soon as possible.

11/20/08 11:34 pm - [info]faq

4 more members and we're open. Promote please & submit your first critiques. I'm hoping to get enough to post at least one a day.

11/20/08 01:47 am - [info]faq

Posting will begin here once we get 20 members. Please promote if you're feeling nice. Thanks.

Even though we're not officially open, i'll still be taking submissions.

11/20/08 12:49 am - [info]faq

Welcome to [info]truefax. If you would like to submit something to be critiqued, please use the following form and post it as a comment to this post.

Which prom dress should I buy?
Am I too thin?
Do people really like my smile?
Who's cuter/uglier/e.t.c?
Do you like my school picture?
What color should I dye my hair?

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