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by [info]quirrc, [info]sema, [info]visions, [info]bradfitz
Description:[info]quirrc has been updating and enhancing the Visions Client with various features. For example, this client supports posting in non-Roman languages, and lets you preview your entry before you post it. Pick up a copy from the journal listed below.
Journal: Watch [info]ljwin32_sema for updates.



by [info]xb95
Description:LochJournal is a client that lets you use Scribbld more easily. A popular feature of LochJournal is that it has support for many accounts on different Scribbld-based sites. Please see the [info]lochj_announce community to download this client.
Journal: Watch [info]lochj_announce for updates.



by [info]browren
Description:LJ.NET provides a simple and powerful user interface to Scribbld's services. It is currently in beta testing, and is not feature complete yet.
Home Page:http://lj-net.sourceforge.net/
Journal: Watch [info]ljnetdev for updates.


Scribbld Icon Uploader

Name:Scribbld Icon Uploader
by [info]kismet
Description:Allows users to upload more then one userpic at a time. Works on Windows XP and lower only!
Home Page:http://www.scribbld.com/files/scribbld_icon_uploader.zip


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