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User:awhiteline (13920)
Some flowers bloom dead
Name:the boys i mean
The beach was beautiful last night, but this did not surprise me. I love sitting on the edge of the land and feeling the water verge me, and then leave me. Sometimes I remove my shoes and put my feet where I think the water will approach to. I have attempted to think about America in regard to where I am on the beach. I imagine a line, a white line, painted on the sand and on the ocean, from me to you.
Interests:70: 1944, 1977, 1999, akashic records, along the beam, alternate americas, american gods, arthurian legends, avoiding incunks, bastards of eld, being misanthropic, boleyns, coincidence has been canceled, dead flowers, demonology, do you like hats?, dreaming, duvets, empathy, everything is illuminated, finding elysium, frou frou, gingerbread cottage, having a coat fetish, his egotistical hauptsturmführer, hogan's heroes, imogen heap, jean jackets, kingdom hospital, kissing boys, kraków, last year's war, lost disco years, magic, manhattan, mr. ex libris, music boxes, mutations by beck, neverwhere, not quite soulbonding, pink aprons, planet auschwitz, postcognition, prophecy moppets, rare first editions, rosencrantz&guildenstern being dead, science, shamanism, shut up ka, sting, strawberry conversations, summer, tarot, tessering, the dark tower, the friendly neighborhood telepath, the overly stoic neurosurgeon, the rose, the sunflower house, the tet corporation, throwing off your groove, toasters, totem animals, traveling aboard, true love, truth, twin souls, u2, voice number two, your insecure obersturmführer
Schools:None listed
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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