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Katie & friends ([info]_katies) wrote,
@ 2008-03-10 12:29:00

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Pondering about DID

I was just fetching water from the bathroom and i realised that i am happy in recluse. It's not because of my alters are keeping me company.. Haha, trust me, i do feel pretty darn lonely at times. They don't chat with each other inside my head. It's not like you can just lay back and listen to the conversation.

It's like your insides scream when someone's in agony. Strong feelings to end the story. But i can try to relieve their pain. So far it has worked.

The little one has been grateful of the attention she's been given. Apparently the school environment is good for her. I try to be nice to her, but i guess at some point i'm gonna have to stay strong and not let her have everything she wants.

Haha, i wonder if i'm missing a class. It doesn't matter, i hate that class anyway.

An another thing i hate is that every day is survival through different emotions and urges. And trying to stay in this world, not the dissociative one. I've heard it gets easier with age.

Surely it stops when you die. Ha, i'm just kidding. Half. But it doesn't mean that i'm gonna swallow a bottle of sedatives.

Sometimes somebody wants to, but It's not something that happens because one wants to. We all live in one body and we have to share. So that's when i have to relieve the pain.

I've heard that some folks never go to therapy. Maybe i can pull through too.

Apologies for the scattered thoughts..

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