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Katie & friends ([info]_katies) wrote,
@ 2008-04-02 12:01:00

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Current mood: dead
Current music:Cyclefly - Drive

Siphoning my brains into a bottle.
I skipped today, and I'm going to skip tomorrow. I'll go to school on Friday because I have to be present when we do our module assignment about establishing a restaurant. Which should be fun because there are no mean teachers present.

I actually liked my homeroom teacher before during Office Tools he flipped and called those who didn't understand the task idiots who don't understand English.

News flash: I think there is also, yet another new alter, a male jack russel terrier. He does not have a name. Maybe it's okay for us to name him.

My dad is getting drunk. There's a feeling of slight discomfort inside my head. He thinks we don't know but it is obvious.. He's going outside all the time, then spends a little time indoors, it's crazy.

At least I have now completed and sent my application to Sweden. I still have some things to do, but I will take care of them today, before I go see my T.

I also wonder how my T sesh will go. I'm a little anxious because I have so many negative things to say and I don't want to sound overdramatic. Oh, how I wish I was being overdramatic.

I feel dead, to be honest. But I must keep trying.. can't give up now.. It will be better when I come back from T.. It will be better when it's summer again..


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