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Katie & friends ([info]_katies) wrote,
@ 2008-04-07 21:55:00

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Current mood: okay
Current music:The Smashing Pumpkins - Beautiful

Quick update.
Not much to say really... I've updated "Where Katie Goes Kaboom" a lot in the past couple of days, so if you want more details, go there.

Today I had a dentist's appointment, which went pretty well, they didn't do anything bad.

Dad was drunk in the morning, fought with mom... He was sober by six in the evening.

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to school.. Well, I'm going to school to skip school. I just can't handle it.

I haven't switched much lately, but I wonder when I will again.

Or maybe this is just a start of a better episode. After all, it is April, it feels more like spring now and stuff...

I will try and update later, most likely on Wednesday. I'm tired and will go to bed now. Nitey nite everyone.


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