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User:alterlocusmod (43689)
Name:Alter Locus RPG

We will reclaim our throne at last ♦ The time has come when we will rise again

Chicago. The city of second chances.

Long ago, mortals revered gods. Different pantheons and deities existed in every corner of the world, worshipped by the mortals within their domain. For hundreds of years each culture had their own mythology, their own beliefs, and their own figures to devote their lives to.

That was until Christianity came.

The worship of one single god spread throughout the world and while many cultures did not adopt this new faith, many did, whether by choice or force. The world of the Greek gods shattered and their powers faded as the faith in them slowly became a faith in God. Now they struggle to find those that believe to fuel their divine powers, as without them they are not so high above mere mortals.

There are still those who pray to the Greek gods and there are those who claim to have seen them. There are also those who believe, but instead of worshipping these fallen figures, they wish to take advantage of their weakness and gain the powers of the gods for themselves.

Belief in these gods it at its highest since their fall, whispering to the gods of another change. But will the gods overcome the obstacles and take their second chance to regain power?

Game Opens June 17th

MOD EMAIL: alterlocusmod@gmail.com



Interests:39: aphrodite, apollo, ares, artemis, athena, characters, chicago, deities, demeter, dionysus, faith, fantasy, gods, greek, greek mythology, hades, hellenistic faith, hephaestus, herakles, hercules, hermes, heroes, hestia, legends, mount olympus, muses, myths, olympians, olympus, orpheus, poseidon, role playing, roleplaying, rpg, rpgs, rps, scenes, supernatural, zeus
Schools:None listed
People12:_repertoire, diobuggacle, easydrakeoven, glaukopis, goodtobetheking, lady_victory, mighty_mighty, msg_ina_bottle, pack_a_day, trollin, vignetting, wayward
Communities2:alterlocus, alterlocusooc
Friend of:8: diobuggacle, easydrakeoven, goodtobetheking, mighty_mighty, msg_ina_bottle, pack_a_day, trollin, wayward
Member of:2: alterlocus, alterlocusooc
Account type:Early Free User

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