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[11 Jan 2010|01:12pm]
(ooc: Well since a few people have referenced the cafe being open again, I thought I'd make it official.)


The cafe is again open for business. We're still renovating a little bit, so please bare with the tarps and wet walls for a little while.

-Anezaki Mamori, cafe manager

(ooc: Which means if you're in the cafe and you slam someone against a wall or some reason, they might get paint on them.)
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ANNOCEMENT [21 Dec 2009|10:32pm]
The cafe, as of this morning, will be temporarily closed until repairs and renovations are finished.

There were some unfortunate events that caused this sudden closure. I can tell you that those responsible have been seen to.

Also, until further notice, the bar will be closed.

Thank you,
-The Cafe Management

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TRAVERSE BOWL!! [12 Nov 2009|01:56pm]

(ooc: Here's a link to the player list. Here's a link to the sign up post.)

Hello all!

I’m Anezaki Mamori and we’re putting on a football tournament here in Traverse Town: the Traverse Bowl!

If you are interested in participating, please form a team of three players and reply here. You are not allowed to form teams with people from your own world especially you Youichi!.

For those who are not familiar with football, I have included a set of rules and terminology bellow (for those that are familiar with the sport, these have been altered slightly to best fit teams of three).

Rules )The Terms )
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[27 Oct 2009|08:55am]
Because of the monster menace that's facing Traverse at this time, the cafe has opened its doors to provide shelter from those who have been evacuated. As a warning, I do not have seperate rooms for everyone. I do have futons and blankets for everyone's use.
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Delivery! [16 Oct 2009|03:28pm]
New at the cafe:

We now deliver! You can call (insert some number here) and order out to anywhere, including the third district and other heartless infested areas (please keep in mind we charge a delivery fee for places like the third district). We also deliver to Twilight Town!
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[12 Sep 2009|12:47pm]
Hello all!

The cafe is now hiring! We need people who are willing to cook/wash dishes and those who are willing to wait tables.

I also give employees free meals along with pay.

Thank you,
Anezaki M.

PS- Bellow I have a list of my current employees.

Anezaki Mamori
Haruhi Fujioka
Sasakura Ryuu
Gino Weinberg

EDIT: We've hired some more people:

Honda Torhu
The Doctor
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[24 Aug 2009|04:09pm]
(ooc: For those who haven't been following Link ([info]heroofhyrule )'s posts we just claim that everyone in Traverse is speaking English as the default language.)

Hello everyone, I am back in Traverse Town now. I would like to clarify a few things.

1- I am not evil and turning into a heartless. That is absurd.
2- There are two men calling themselves Link in town now. One is blond, blue eyed, and speaks broken English. He is not the one that kidnapped me. In fact he helped bring me back. The other Link has black hair, red eyes, and really pale skin. He is the first Link's shadow and is the one that actually kidnapped me. He has no problems with English.
3- The second Link (the shadow) kidnapped me out of panic. He had most literally appeared in my apartment when arriving in Traverse and panicked when I came up the stairs and figured out that he wasn't the first Link. He then got spooked by Sasakura-san coming up the stairs to check on me and took the both of us into the so-called Abyss. He has apologized for this and now that he's no longer disoritented, has no intention of kidnapping people again. I have forgiven him.
4- And no, I did not just spend the last day in a closet hiding in the third district. I was in the Abyss, you can ask either of the Links, Hiruma, or Honda Torhu to confirm this matter.
5- I understand that Sasakura-san quote "was useless" when I was missing. I would like to clarify that the man did everything in his powers trying to resolve this matter. He reported me missing, called me while I was in the Abyss, gave me directions back, and did not get himself victimized! Sometimes, it is better to do nothing rather than jumping foolishly into a rescue mission! Especially when you have no skills that would be helpful for such a venture!

6- I heard from Sasakura-san that a 'Gino' would like to work at the cafe. Could you please reply to this post, Gino-san?

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Changes at the Cafe! [29 Jul 2009|10:33pm]
Hello all,

I, Anezaki Mamori, have just recently become the new owner of the cafe down in the first district. I plan to make some changes and would like the feedback of the other members of this community before any are implemented.

First off we are planning to expand the uniform from the basic red apron into something else. I haven't decided yet, but I need something that will go good with the original apron and be pleasing to all customers.

Second off we are planning to include images of the dishes in the menu for those who have difficulty reading or are not familiar with certain dishes.

Third off I'd like to expand the menu itself to include dishes from the other worlds. I'm willing to take on any recipes handed to me.

If you have any other feedback or questions, please let me know.

-Manager Anezaki
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CUPCAKE THEIF!! [16 Jul 2009|12:42pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I made cupcakes using Lelouch's Recipe and left them in my room to cool.

And someone stole five of them!

What nerve! I was planning on sharing those with L (for lending me the room) and Leon (for lending me clothes and money)!


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List [08 Jul 2009|03:07pm]
Things I need to do today:

1) bang Youichi
2) buy condoms
3) get food
4) get clothes
5) get a job
6) meet some people around town
7) get more information about leaving
9) bang Youichi
10) apologize to Leon

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To Do List: [01 Jul 2009|04:10pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Nothing ]

Written in next handwriting was a little white note:

To Do:

clean clubhouse

give Sena lunch

fix Monta's uniform

do the team laundry

find Taki's socks

organize the plays

clean the locker room

(Here the paper gets crinkly.)

figure out where I am

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