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RocketBear ([info]anezakim) wrote,
@ 2009-07-16 12:42:00

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Current location:Room 12
Current mood: grumpy
Entry tags:cupcakes

I made cupcakes using Lelouch's Recipe and left them in my room to cool.

And someone stole five of them!

What nerve! I was planning on sharing those with L (for lending me the room) and Leon (for lending me clothes and money)!


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2009-07-16 09:18 pm UTC (link)
You ate them, didn't you?

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2009-07-16 09:20 pm UTC (link)

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2009-07-16 09:27 pm UTC (link)
And I'm sure those cream puffs just walked off back home, too.

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2009-07-17 01:34 am UTC (link)
Mou, Hiruma! These are gifts! Why would I eat something I am going to give to someone else!?

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2009-07-17 03:03 am UTC (link)
I'm sure that's what you want others to think!

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2009-07-17 03:05 am UTC (link)
...Did you eat them?

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2009-07-17 05:58 am UTC (link)

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2009-07-17 05:59 am UTC (link)
Will you help me find the person that did?

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2009-07-17 06:00 am UTC (link)
Of course. I need to find the motherfucking asshole that broke my cell tower.

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2009-07-17 06:02 am UTC (link)

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2009-07-17 06:06 am UTC (link)
Thanks! Let's meet up in the lobby.

L probably knows something, since he fixed the tower....

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