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RocketBear ([info]anezakim) wrote,
@ 2009-08-24 16:09:00

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(ooc: For those who haven't been following Link ([info]heroofhyrule )'s posts we just claim that everyone in Traverse is speaking English as the default language.)

Hello everyone, I am back in Traverse Town now. I would like to clarify a few things.

1- I am not evil and turning into a heartless. That is absurd.
2- There are two men calling themselves Link in town now. One is blond, blue eyed, and speaks broken English. He is not the one that kidnapped me. In fact he helped bring me back. The other Link has black hair, red eyes, and really pale skin. He is the first Link's shadow and is the one that actually kidnapped me. He has no problems with English.
3- The second Link (the shadow) kidnapped me out of panic. He had most literally appeared in my apartment when arriving in Traverse and panicked when I came up the stairs and figured out that he wasn't the first Link. He then got spooked by Sasakura-san coming up the stairs to check on me and took the both of us into the so-called Abyss. He has apologized for this and now that he's no longer disoritented, has no intention of kidnapping people again. I have forgiven him.
4- And no, I did not just spend the last day in a closet hiding in the third district. I was in the Abyss, you can ask either of the Links, Hiruma, or Honda Torhu to confirm this matter.
5- I understand that Sasakura-san quote "was useless" when I was missing. I would like to clarify that the man did everything in his powers trying to resolve this matter. He reported me missing, called me while I was in the Abyss, gave me directions back, and did not get himself victimized! Sometimes, it is better to do nothing rather than jumping foolishly into a rescue mission! Especially when you have no skills that would be helpful for such a venture!

6- I heard from Sasakura-san that a 'Gino' would like to work at the cafe. Could you please reply to this post, Gino-san?

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