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Deidara ([info]artgasming) wrote,
@ 2009-09-22 01:17:00

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Entry tags:bandwagon, meme, ooc, open forever

bandwagon, you know. Im doing it too. Ask questions about Deidara! About anything anything anything!


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2009-09-22 06:32 am UTC (link)
how much of a faggot is he

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2012-01-11 10:11 pm UTC (link)
nah, he ain't a faggot, but you are!!

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Re: lol
2012-01-11 10:14 pm UTC (link)
i'm sorry to comment and bog up this page but i just got a notif.

i laughed; thanks anon!

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2012-01-12 11:03 pm UTC (link)
rofl GOSH anon was a little late to the party.

This made me laugh so hard though.

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2009-09-22 06:35 am UTC (link)
my bad

how big of a faggot is he

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2009-09-22 02:55 pm UTC (link)
His faggotry is thiiiiiiis big.

But seriously I kind of treat Deidara as asexual/only gay for himself.

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2009-09-22 06:30 pm UTC (link)
1. Greatest fears and/or insecurities?

2. What is one of Deidara's most well-kept secrets?

3. The wildest thing Deidara has ever done. Does he regret it? Why or why not?

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2009-09-23 03:08 pm UTC (link)
1. To be completely honest, I really have problems envisioning Deidara with any insecurities. He gets pissed off when he doesn't have enough chemicals to do something awful, but he doesn't fear dying by his own doing if he ever messes up.

One thought that I imagine bothers Deidara is that he might die another way than by Art, but he doesn't really believe that to be possible. At all. He would be screaming pissed if it did happen any other way, though, and I bet he'd come back to haunt the asshole that made him suffer such a painfully lame death. He was supposed to go out with a bang, buddy. And if Deidara somehow dies of old age? Man, I think that would only make him more angry.

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2009-09-23 03:17 pm UTC (link)
...I just find that adorable for some reason. xD

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2009-09-23 03:22 pm UTC (link)
I-IN A WAY lmfao.

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2009-09-23 03:25 pm UTC (link)
Just for the fact that he'd be mad of dying from old age instead of one giant explosion.

...He'd probably be in the nursing home trying to make a home-made bomb just so that he could finally die the way he wants to... and take everyone else within a ten mile radius with him. xD

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2009-09-23 03:26 pm UTC (link)
Only ten miles? He'd take out even more, if he could manage! He wants to take down the whole city!

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-23 04:11 pm UTC (link)
...Ten miles was the first number that came to mind.

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2009-09-23 03:25 pm UTC (link)
2. That ring he wears. He acts like it has some sort of value to him and never tells anyone why, but if anyone tries to take it when he tells them its no big deal, he threatens to cut their fingers off. I plan for it to either have something to do with Akatsuki if we work that out in the comm, or it would have come from his father. Because he really does, like, love his father. In... the way of remembering him only for having exploded, but, you know. That's still love if you're Deidara.

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2009-09-23 03:32 pm UTC (link)
3. He may or may not have accidentally miscalculated that time he took his eye out. Wouldn't it be awesome if some freakily huge explosion took him out just because he wanted to see his limits? So he didn't measure out chemical x and chemical y out so well, big deal.

It didn't, of course, take him out. He did get put in the hospital and he did (for the most part) loose use of one eye, but Deidara doesn't regret it. To eat the apple, you sometimes have to face the worms inside.

(Reply to this)(Parent)(Thread)

2009-09-23 03:33 pm UTC (link)
note: probably weird by regular people standards, to PURPOSEFULLY SEE IF YOU MIGHT DIE IF YOU MESS UP, though Deidara doesn't think its really that big of a deal.

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