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User:oriental_dragon (29521)
(¯`° · (¯`°·. Exotic Mystery .·°´¯) · °´¯)
.: Child of the Middle Kingdom :.
Name:Tenten [ テンテン ]
Bio:[ Tenten RP journal at [info]last_stretch with PB Mika Nakashima. ]

I may not be popular
I may not be the one all the guys want
But I can still kick your butt
And that's all that matters

Let the games begin.
.: Who I Am :.
Originating from a middle-class background, Tenten knows the meaning of hard work and dedication. These principles she puts into her schoolwork as well as every other aspect of her life. Often overlooked by the other students but always a presence, whether in the lives of all those around her or just in general, she serves as a maternal figure to the other students and puts forth an even mix of determination, confidence, and respect to all those around her with an ever mellow attitude; she provides a quiet comfort to anyone she comes across.

She is very talented in math (it's reminiscent to her 100% accuracy; math would play a big part in that I'd imagine), but struggles a bit in science. In her high school days, she served as a tutor with great influence from her mother who worked as a teacher on a primary level (elementary school). She might consider doing so again sometime in college for any who seem to be struggling with the subject as Tenten finds some satisfaction in helping others. But it is her pragmatic personality that drives the young woman to study history and philosophy. Tenten is fairly good on the piano, having received lessons in her early days, but will decline in joining the school band or orchestra ("I'd rather play for fun."). Tenten is not exactly anti-social, but she has a tendency to blend into the background, which in turn actually aids in her observational skills.

But there are two sides to every story. While mostly reserved in the classroom (blending into the background), she appears to be one of the more aggressive kind of girls which keeps her stuck under the label of tomboy. More of a jeans and tee kind of girl, Tenten is always ready to get down and dirty with the guys. But that’s not to say that she doesn’t have the capacity to be feminine as well when the mood strikes her. A typical average girl in a typical modern world, her only noticeable flaw would be the lack of confidence concerning her love life. Not one to go searching for a relationship, she is at a loss when one comes looking for her. And as comfortable as she is with the boys, it’s a whole different story when faced with one she actually likes in that way.
.: Where I've Been :.
Both her parents belonged to the strict codes of the working class, her mother Mei making her living as a teacher while her father Shirou rented himself out as an artisan crafting beautiful works of mostly steel and wood. Because of this, Tenten likes to view herself as being well balanced between the logic of reality and the fantasy of creativity. Her younger days are a fair example of that belief.

When she was only three years old, her mother had been transfered to a school in Japan that offered a slightly better salary for her teaching career, forcing Tenten's family to pick up and move for the sake of maintaining a better income. It was during the process of finding a place to stay that Tenten came across a lady who owned a piano. Curious, the young girl spent her time studying the keys while her parents talked with the landlord, a woman by the name of Ms. Suzume. While they decided against renting in that particular building, Ms. Suzume had seen the spark of interest Tenten held for the black and white keys. But she understood that money was tight and so proposed another option for the young girl's family to consider. Tenten would help around the building doing small errands in exchange for piano lessons and a babysitter for days when both Mei and Shirou were unable to stay home to care for Tenten until she started school.

And so, at the young age of three, Tenten began her lessons and continued them with a love and talent that held no comparison in the young girl's life. Unfortunately, it did not last.

At the age of ten, both her parents were killed in a tragic fire caused by an electrical storm. As Mei's younger brother and next of kin, Tenten was sent to live with her Uncle Katsuro in China where she eventually began working part time at his restaurant until she graduated from high school.
.: How I Move On :.
Since beginning college at a major university, Tenten has been living on her own in an apartment a few blocks away from campus and working as a part-time waitress at the local coffee shop to help pay for rent and tuition, occasionally receiving aid from her Uncle Katsuro in China (when she lets him). While on campus, in between classes and clubs or practice, you will sometimes find her in the music department toying with the piano like she used to so many years ago, never having lost her love for it. The coordinating professor in charge of the department had been kind enough to extend the same agreement Tenten had with her high school music teacher, giving her permission to come in from time to time to practice on the piano as long as she was not disturbing anyone else.

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Memories12 entries
Interests:33: ancient history, ancient weapons, archery, art, astrology, autumn mornings, cascada, dragons, dramatic eyes, evanescence, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, full metal alchemist, giving reasons to smile, history, honor and chivalry, kendo, kingdom hearts 2, linkin park, lost souls, music, nickelback, philosophy, photography, piano, playing in the rain, tarot cards, tenten, three days grace, tsubasa reservoir chronicle, volleyball, writing
Schools:None listed
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Member of:3: last_stretch, reach_for_ooc, sticky_noto
Account type:Early Free User

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