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User:asafoetida (14152)
Into every young man's bedroom
you gave it up
Name:Amber Waves
Location:Missouri, United States
Bio:College student - psychology and creative writing major. Pagan. Obsessed with bettas. Has a really weird collection of music. Doesn't update much, but enjoys commenting. Also talks about herself in the third person sometimes (obviously).
Interests:42: alternative rock, anime, anne bishop, bettas, castle of the winds, celtic music, classic rock, crystals, death note, fake, fantasy, firefly, fish, folk music, fullmetal alchemist, gravitation, herbs, iron & wine, little butterfly, loveless, lynn flewelling, manga, mythology, nightrunner series, petshop of horrors, phrase frenzy, poets of the fall, psychic gifts, randomness, reading, rp, shiny things, sims 2, tanya huff, tarot, they might be giants, tori amos, true crime, video games, writing, yaoi, yuri
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Free User

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