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Chibi ([info]cericeglow) wrote,
@ 2010-02-19 23:27:00

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Current location:right where you want me <3~
Current mood: hur hur
Current music:Carry on Wayward Son-Kansas

Obligatory intro post

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Chibi A dreamer, a bitch, an idiot, naive to a fault, loving, too nice for her own good, can't say "no," a contradiction, a cosplayer, a roleplayer, relates to her characters, has been compared to Sora on numerous occasions, a gamer, anime nerd, convention geek, a raver, a dancer, a believer, a cosplayer, selfish, gluttonous, lover of berry lemonade soda, lazy, nostalgic, silly, cute, adorkable, weird, mean, rude, polite, sleepy, wired, a caffeine addict, a talker, introverted, bicurious, asexual, hater of men, shunner of intimacy, a cock blocker, a flirt, a skirt chaser, unromantic, clingy, jealous, vain. Or just Chibi will do.

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Supernatural, Doctor Who, roleplay, Gurren Lagann, video games, anime, cosplay, conventions, nerdy stuff, bitching, fairy tales, life, Kingdom Hearts, friends, sexy ladies, cute girls, women, Torchwood, sleep, food, cats, the smell of the ocean and burning things, wigs, the color gray, languages, movies, film, writing, reading, friends, doujinshi, and much much more.

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If you want to friend me, go ahead. I'm pretty lax about everything. I like making new friends who actually want to get to know me. Maybe I'll even send you a cute voice message on your phone. But I'm warning you, I'm prone to jealousy and clinging to my true friends. You fuck with them, you fuck with me because once you have me, you're stuck with me for life.

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