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.jess. ([info]contrary) wrote,
@ 2008-12-19 01:38:00

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Time goes by
I haven't updated this thing since June.
Thinks have changed. I got through my first semester at MUW with a 3.09 gpa.
I transfered to Hinds.
Drew went to jail.
I talk to Kyt again. <3

Tomorrow I have to pick up stupid benjamin from Sam and Marty's and take him to Alexis's house.
Why can't Drew have a cute wonderful loving fluffy cat that everyone wants to take? I feel like I'm fucking people over by trying to get them to watch the poor thing.

Oh yeah I'm sick too. No fun.

Dick and Jane's Saturday night, let's go!

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2008-12-21 02:24 am UTC (link)
all kitties are wonderful!
who are you going to dick and jane's with? you never told me!

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2008-12-21 08:59 am UTC (link)
I DID tell you
in a comment on one of your entries

but I ended up not going
i just sat around with Sam and watched Full Metal Jacket fun fun fun
I was going to go with brittany and blake case and a few kids i was in high school with.
Want to go with me sometime though? Supa dupa fun!

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2008-12-21 07:30 pm UTC (link)
you DID NOT tell me who you were going with, which is what i was talking about. i left a comment on your wordpress asking who you went with, and you never responded. i've never been so i wanted it to be with a group of people i knew well, haha.
i wish i would have known you didn't go. i ended up going to Esperanza in fondren and heard The Weeks and Colour Revolt playing. it would have been nice to actually go with people i knew well. :[

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2008-12-22 09:28 am UTC (link)
sorry babe
i thought i told you
i thought i had left a comment on one of your entries but i really dont know if i did or not lol
but uhm
i would love to go with you
and get some people we know?
want to? maybe this coming saturday? I want Kayla to come with me.
How about the Saturday after thanksgiving? I can't go the 3rd because of Drew's visitation.
Even if it's just me and you will will have so much fun!
Lets do it. <3<3<3

Seriously I have all the time in the world to do anything.
Anytime you are available. Call me. We'll go for coffee or something. Otherwise I'll stay in bed all day.
I'm worthless lately. :)

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