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.jess. ([info]contrary) wrote,
@ 2008-12-22 02:36:00

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Yeah, so I'm pretty much worthless lately.

If I don't have someone telling me to do stuff
I will stay in bed until I can't any more.

Yesterday I went to Sam's and smoked the worst blunt I've ever rolled.
Then we watched Full Metal Jacket.
I was home by 2 probably, but I slept until 6 pm today.
I only got out of bed because I had a headache.
I've been on the couch since. Drinkin' vodka and cough syrup. Healthy, much?

I've been writing Drew a letter also.
I love Sundays. The trains don't come by so much.
It's quiet.
Chris's alarm is going off and its fucking loud and he obviously can't hear it. it's 2:30. WHY is his alarm going off?
My mother has been bitching because I don't sleep at night.
Tomorrow I have to get up early and run errands.
By early I mean about 10am. Lol.

I miss Drew so bad.
If you would like to write him, let me know.

Kyt, lets hang out. C'mon.

And does anyone know of anywhere I could apply? I'm really looking for something more professional, you know? It doesn't matter at this point. Let me know. <3

I'll update later. It's late. I'm kind of out of it.

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