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.jess. ([info]contrary) wrote,
@ 2008-03-30 14:15:00

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Graduation Dress
Friday night I worked.
Saturday I was off all day.
I woke up about 8:30 because we had a 9 o clock meeting. The managers literally only talked for about 2 and a half minutes. They let us clock in for the meeting and we were pissed for having got up so early to be there for nothing, so they let us talk and argue.
After the meeting I was hanging out with stuart, joking about how everyone in our entire restaurant was taking a smoke break. Stuart stuck a cig in my mouth and lit it. I didn't die, so that was cool.
I can tell you...cigarettes are no where near as great as weed is. His menthols did make my throat and chest feel all cold and good. :P

Brit and i were supposed to rearrange my room, but we were way too tired. I slept til about 1:30. I laid in bed for a few hours trying to find something to do, but everyone was busy in some way.
Yesterday was one of my sad days. I just moped around about how lonely i was all day and about 5 Mom got home and we went to the mall to try to find a graduation dress.
Right now every dress in every dress store around lakeland looks like a big polka dotted pillow case.
Everything was for people trying to cover up their rolls. It pisses me off because I want something to actually FIT my body. I hate those fucking maternity looking puffy shirts and dresses and i REALLY hate the ones with no shape at all. Thats all they have. Big neon polka dots.
SO, no luck there.
I happened to see Ty when i went to the mall.
It was really ironic because a few seconds before my mom got home he told me he didn't want to hang out with me because he was too sad about Britt and didn't want to talk to anyone...then like 30 min later he's at the mall with 2 girls shopping.

Back to the mall again.

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