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.jess. ([info]contrary) wrote,
@ 2008-06-24 07:44:00

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Life after high school.
Honestly I forget I ever went to high school.
I don't feel any different.
Now there is even less to do with my day.

I have a routine now.
Wake up and take Drew to work at 6 am.
Sleep until 11.
Eat lunch with Drew.
Clean, clean, clean.
Run/swim/tan at the gym.
Work at 4:30.
Home between 6 and 9:30. (shit hours I'm telling you)
Food. TV.
Bed 10-11.

Drew just left to go on a trip for work. Hell be gone until Thurs.
It's particularly upsetting to be in his bed and room by myself.
I feel like its his even though I pay for it too...
but it doesnt help that i cant just go do something.
I have no friends here to occupy my mind.
I have nothing but the gym and a few hours of work a day.

I'm pretty positive Kyt has blocked me from everything. Understandable I suppose.
Sucks though. I'm not sure I would talk to her if I could though.
I have nothing to say to anyone unfortunately.

Drew and I were pretty bummed not to see Kut and Alexis last time we were in Jackson.

I will say that I'm glad I don't have a child yet. I couldn't handle it.
Parents don't have time for themselves. They don't have time to get online, to see friends, talk on the phone. Having a child seems more restricting than anything I can think of.
I feel bad for my new parent friends. You all seem so miserable. Happy with your children, but miserable with work, home, life and how things are working out.
I want the best for all of my friends, but there's nothing i could do to help.
I hope that all of you can have a chance to breath soon
and just relax.

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