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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-02-14 17:15:00

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06. Happy Valentine's Day

I would just like to say, Happy Valentine's Day for all you happy lovers out there! Though I don't have a Valentine per say, I know you all count as one. So here's my gift to all of you!


This post's Major Arcana:
The Lovers

Positive: The Lovers card represents having to make a choice in the realm of relationships, a choice which will have a lasting impact on the relationship at hand. This may come as a proposal of marriage or simply the choice to continue or dissolve a relationship. The Lovers brings a reminder that should one not take control of their choices, one will be forced upon them by the wheel of destiny. The Lovers also represents sacrifice and that which is given up when a decision is finally made. Should one choose marriage and commitment, the freedom and playfulness of a single lifestyle is to be given up. Should one remain a bachelor then the security of a married lifestyle may have to be let go. Overall, what the Lovers card represents is that a choice is at hand and one that must be made with much care and consideration for there are always sacrifices to every decision.

Negative: When reversed this card represents thoughtlessness in handling ones relationships with others and a lack of care when making crucial decisions regarding loved ones. Being indecisive and leaving your freedom of choice up to chance.

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