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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-02-25 09:20:00

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07. For Todd

Since I couldn't post my other posts in the past few months, I'm doing it now.

A poem from me to you, good friend:

"It was on this day the Sixth Street Game Crazy closed early
When news struck home, it began to snow
Your snow, to me, were your tears for us
And our tears for you
We wept for you as you were taken to the great beyond
The world wept for you because you touched our lives so
You wept for us knowing how our lives meant so much with you in them
Whatever reasons we wept for, there's one thing for sure
We will never forget 2/25/07..."

Take a swig of Mr. Pibb, raise right hand up with fingers almost in talon shape, then unleash the signature Todd call. Those who knew him, you know. If you did, I want you to do just that, right now.

R.I.P. Todd
You will never be forgotten by your true friends

This post's Major Arcana:
The Chariot
Positive: The Chariot card represents the need to take control of ones actions to rise above the conflicts in ones life. The Chariot alerts us of the need to draw energy not only from our material resources but from within as well. The Chariot reminds us that we must have balanced energy in order to reap the rewards of all that life has given us. The Chariot represents a dualistic nature and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Focus and awareness is necessary in order to make the most out of the situation. Most importantly, the Chariot represents the need to hold on tightly to the reigns because should we let go we will face the likelihood of going way off course. Ultimately, if we don’t hold tight and steer our way through, our life can get way out of control.

Negative: When reversed this card represents a lack of drive and focus or letting others manipulate us to their own ends. It can also mean arrogance or foolhardy behavior. A lack of control and imbalanced thought.

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