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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-03-07 08:27:00

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08. Stuff and wuff

Okay, I'll start off with what happened last week, since I know I forgot to say how the Todd dinner went. It went pretty well, actually. Got a lot of people to come. We talked about our favorite Todd moments, even though we said that Halloween was not a choice, since I knew everyone would choose that. We went bowling afterwards. Although, when it was all done, it struck us hard that Todd was not with us. God did it suck.

Anyway, I got to go on a date recently with one of Kathlyn's friends, Melissa. She recently broke up with her jackass boyfriend and she seemed interested in me from what Johnny and Kathlyn told her. We went to go see "Enchanted," very good movie mind you. But things weren't really good. She was too quiet during the entire get-together. That's fine, I knew she just broke up. I tried to break the silence by asking her what she's into and we seemed to share the same interests. Then, she blows up in my face telling me she has too much on her mind and practically storms off. That's fine, like I said I understood what she was going through. When I got back with Johnny and Kathlyn, they knew it didn't go well and apologized. I thought it was all me, actually. Then, the next day, Kathlyn calls Johnny and tells her that Melissa never wanted to go on this date in the first place. Yeah, I know you just broke up with an asshole, but if you didn't want to go on this thing, have the guts to say so instead of waste two hours of my life. That may seem cruel and heartless, but even Aaron and Kathlyn understand where I'm coming from to being a little steamed. What's even worse, I dreamt this was going to be a disaster. I don't normally dream of tarot cards, but before I woke up on that day, the fuckin' Tower Card flashes in my mind. For those who know tarot, the Tower is a BAD BAD BAD EVIL THING! It means chaos, downfall, disaster, etc. No matter what direction it's in.

Oh well, enough with the bad, now I'm onto the good. Tomorrow, Johnny and Kathlyn are getting married. I can't wait. I always knew Johnny was destined for greatness, and this is his time to change things around. If you wish to wish Johnny and Kathlyn a happy union, I'll be sure to pass it onto them.

This post's Major Arcana:
Positive: Like the Chariot card, Justice represents a balance that is needed in order to achieve a fair and justified life. Justice elicits the need to balance wrong with right and night with day. Justice brings the understanding that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that even though the night may seem to be never-ending, that day will eventually come. Justice also means that overindulging in the pleasures of life can indeed bring unwanted results. One can only indulge so much before they start to gain weight or become physically unhealthy. Justice also represents an analytical means to an end. Justice will weigh each side and come to a fair and just solution according to the laws or rules set forth. While we may base our findings almost solely on our feelings and emotions, Justice remains free of such emotional confines and will always bring a fair and reasonable outcome.

Negative: When reversed this card represents being over-emotional, irrational, or biased. It also represents using unfair means to get a desired outcome. An imbalanced lifestyle or a corrupt attitude.  

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