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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-03-14 09:42:00

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10. I fuckin' hate our government....

....or at least the DCFS branch! My God, I want to know who the fuck made another call to those pricks and try to accuse Greg of attacking Aislinn!!! He had never attacked her! Never laid a finger on her! Greg likes Aislinn as much as I like Colin, he would never purposely hurt her! That guy came here to this library to ask me about this "incident," and I was about to call him nuts! I know he's doing his job, but those people make my blood boil to the point of volcanic eruption! Leave my family alone! If there's something wrong, WE'LL handle it! So back off!

Okay, I'm done... Sorry for wasting your guys' time.

This post's Major Arcana:
The Wheel of Fortune
Positive: The Wheel of Fortune represents chance, fate, and inevitability. It represents the ups and downs of life but more importantly it represents that there is a time for everything. Usually the Wheel of Fortune can be divided into four parts representing the four seasons of the natural universe. Spring, a time for new beginnings; Summer, a time for growth and bloom; Autumn, a time for reflection and maturation; and Winter, a time for rest and releasing. When a new endeavor is started the wheel begins anew and one can be assured they will go through all of the aspects the wheel has to offer. The Wheel offers everyone success and eventual release, but it is the acceptance of change the wheel offers that most find hard to accept. While the wheel always offers us another chance to make things right, there comes a time when one must let go. While outwardly the wheel offers chance or even luck, it also offers faith in that it guarantees that things will eventually change for the better.

Negative: When this card is reversed it means refusal of change, loss of hope, dwelling on the negative aspects of a situation. Frustration, being stubborn, and holding on too tightly to the material world around us.  

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