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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-04-07 09:03:00

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11. I'm Back

I'm sorry for not being a no show in the last... God knows how long. A lot of things have came up. Too many things.

1. Trying to find a job with help from someone from ERC. It's going okay.
2. Trying to write the cross-over project of my fic between "Freiheit" and "Dämmerung." Haven't even started.
3. Plotting for a special "thank you" project for the fans of my fic by preparing another project that explains the full origin of Morgan's character, Mahna Pendragon, and what truly happened in her first mission.

Other than that, nothing really happened lately except for Johnny and Kathlyn getting married on March 8th. Don't know if I mentioned that. Yeah, I did. Nevermind. I've also been playing the hell out of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Persona 2, and even watching the live action Sailor Moon show, which is not so bad as I thought. The girl they got to play Sailor Mercury is a hottie, in my opinion. Sucks no one knows where she is currently. When I have something more interesting to say, I'll write more. Until then, guys.

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