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Drake ([info]corey_sheffield) wrote,
@ 2008-04-21 08:32:00

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Current mood: curious
Current music:"The Power of Good-Bye" by Madonna

13. Crazy Weekend
I'm not sure whether to call it a good crazy or bad or in-between. Those who live in the Illinois area, you should know we had a strong tremor Thursday morning at around 4:30. God, that sucked! My entire life and I never experienced an earthquake. How did everyone fare?

Anyway, now I'm onto a book rant, a good one. The past few days, I've been expanding my book history. As you know, earlier in the year, I've been reading the "His Dark Material" series ("Golden Compass," "Subtle Knife," and "Amber Spyglass"). That took me quite a few weeks to finish up. At least I'll know what happens if the other two books are made into movies. Recently, I've read the book "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman. If anyone's familiar with the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert DiNero, and Claire Danes, disregard everything you saw in that movie. The book has a better telling. I can tell why they did what they did in the movie, but come on. And now, my latest book, "The Kingdom Keepers" by Ridley Pearson. Has anyone been to the Magic Kingdom in Florida? If you had, you'll enjoy this book. It's a thriller book in which five kids are chosen to enter the park during night after they sleep. I'm not saying too much, but I have to say when they introduced the main villain of the book I reread that part cause it was cool that he put that person in. Don't think of it as a kiddie book either, this book contains blood and creepy dolls coming to life and coming after you and - whoa, don't spoil it.

Okay, and now to end this post. No one else felt it, I bet, but we had another tremor at 12:30 this morning. I know I'll be fine when those come, but it's getting to the point where I can't sleep anymore. What's weird is, and I'm not joking, I feel them happen even before they occur. Okay, I'll stop now and let you guys continue your lives.<hr>This post's Major Arcana:

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