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September 13th, 2010
05:59 pm
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Chained Stone Index
This is an index of all the stories in the Chained Stone universe, formerly known as the slave'verse.

Basic Summary: Captain Liu of the Dai Li is captured in Guoyin and sold to farmers in New Sozin as a slave. There, he meets the children of his new owner.
Notes: Liu is the creation of Becky H. and is used with her permission.
Warnings: Slavery, May/December

Summer Daze: Ichiro notices Liu for the first time.  Written by Becky H.
Tremors: Liu discovers something unusual about his owner's youngest son.
Green Tea: Yui brings Liu a cup of tea.
Firebender: Liu notices things about Ichiro that don't add up.
Hair: Mi-Cha combs Kouji's hair.

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