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September 19th, 2010
11:27 am
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[Fic]: Terracotta Dawn

Author: Dark Puck
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Kouji and Yui (OCs), Phoenix King Ozai, scattered Dai Li
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: Action/adventure, supernatural
Summary: In Ba Sing Se, a pair of tomb raiders archeologists accidentally stumble across a plot to awaken terracotta warriors and use them to destroy the Fire Nation. Not wanting to see another war tear the world apart, they seek help from the only source they can think of -- the former Phoenix King.
Warning: Focuses mainly on OCs and on Ozai. Chapter ratings may vary. Hidden and not-so hidden pop-culture references.
Notes: I pretty much have the crack. :D Originally conceived in Summer 2009, I spent a few months poking at the general idea of the fic, but never really got anything concrete from it. Then, shortly after Christmas, I decided to taunt everyone and created a Coming Soon post. Then, early in February, Avocado Love created the Avatar Big Bang, and I decided that I would use Terracotta Dawn as my fic. So... here it is. :D

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five
Chapter Six

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September 13th, 2010
05:59 pm
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Chained Stone Index
This is an index of all the stories in the Chained Stone universe, formerly known as the slave'verse.

Basic Summary: Captain Liu of the Dai Li is captured in Guoyin and sold to farmers in New Sozin as a slave. There, he meets the children of his new owner.
Notes: Liu is the creation of Becky H. and is used with her permission.
Warnings: Slavery, May/December

Summer Daze: Ichiro notices Liu for the first time.  Written by Becky H.
Tremors: Liu discovers something unusual about his owner's youngest son.
Green Tea: Yui brings Liu a cup of tea.
Firebender: Liu notices things about Ichiro that don't add up.
Hair: Mi-Cha combs Kouji's hair.

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February 23rd, 2010
06:37 pm
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Time Travel Index
Title: Time Travel
Fandom: Sailor Moon/The Dresden Files
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General/Mahou Shoujo
Notes: This crossover focuses mainly on those from the Black Moon of Nemesis, the villains of Sailor Moon R. The main character is Saffir, with appearances from the Sailor Senshi, Harry Dresden, and Karrin Murphy. This is also a collaborative work, featuring myself, GG Crono, Kat, and Mina. There is a featured romance with an unusual pairing: Saffir/Minako. If that isn't your cup of tea, this probably isn't the fic for you.

Time Slip: When an experimenting time traveller arrives in Chicago, he brings with him allies and enemies alike. Can Harry get everything straightened out and Saffir back where he belongs without alerting the council?

Time Dance: As he lives out the life of a normal human, Saffir, now called Orimoto Satoshi, encounters Aino Minako, Sailor Venus. If he isn't careful, she'll figure out who he is and kill him -- and yet he is drawn to her, and her to him...

Time Warp: When a Sailor Senshi and a noble of Nemesis are kidnapped, the men who care for them go to one Harry Dresden for help in finding them, in the process uncovering a plot that could destroy a good part of the world. What the men don't realise is that the missing women aren't about to sit around and wait for rescue...

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January 23rd, 2010
06:02 pm
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Head Games

Title: Head Games
Author: Dark Puck
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Ichiro, Yui, and Kouji (OCs); Xin Wan and Liu (OCs); Iroh and Zuko
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mindbending of children; creeptastic and slightly skeevy in early chapters.
Notes: Xin Wan, Liu, and most Dai Li OCs belong to Bex and are used with her permission and assistance.
Summary: A refugee child in Ba Sing Se is found somewhere she shouldn't be by a Dai Li agent. This proves disastrous for her and her brothers, as they have a secret: they're all from the Fire Nation...

1. Doll | 2. Tin Soldier | 3. Clockwork Boy
4. Cutting the Strings | 5. Stringless Puppet | 6. The Spider | 7. Safe

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November 26th, 2009
11:30 pm
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"Canon" Fic Index
This is an index of all the fics that I consider "canon" to my universe.  A lot of these will overlap with what beckyh2112 has done, because we share characters and ideas and because she is generally awesome so you should read her stuff or the owl will eat you.

And so on we go!

Thirty Years Pre-Canon
Seneschal: Firelord Azulon takes notice of a young woman serving under his seneschal.  Written by Becky H.

Twenty-Three Years Pre-Canon

Broken Promises: Jeong-Jeong does not enjoy teaching, but he does what he can to make it worthwhile for both his students and himself. Unfortunately, his failures are more spectacular than his successes. PG-13.  Written by Becky H.
Girl Talk: Ursa escorts her friend to the Fire shrine, and they talk of marriages past and yet to come. Written by Becky H.

Eighteen Years Pre-Canon
Perfect Storm: In the Fire Nation-occupied Earth Kingdom, a boy is tossed out on his own. Written by Becky H.
Foundling: A Fire Nation farmer finds a baby on his lands.

Sixteen Years Pre-Canon
Slippery Slope: Long Feng has to deal with the Earth King growing up.

Twelve Years Pre-Canon
Ice Lord: The story of a young man of the Northern Water Tribe.  Hama wasn't the only one to rediscover bloodbending...

Six Years Pre-Canon
Pay the Price of Command: The tale of the man who unwittingly halted the siege on Ba Sing Se.
Push: Hyo, newly appointed Commander of the Dai Li, faces off against the Chief Mindbender, who delights in pushing any button he can find.
Morning After: Firelord Azulon is dead. Written by Becky H.
Rebellion: It is the Firelord's duty to deal with rebellion. The Seneschal reminds Ozai he doesn't have to do it personally. Written by Becky H.
Immodest Dress: Tashi meets the djinn. Written by Becky H.

Three Years Pre-Canon
Dollmaker: A typical day in the life of the Dai Li's Chief Mindbender.  Written by Becky H.
Moonsday's Child: Long Feng finally meets the Dai Li Commander's daughter.
Quartz: Long Feng and Hyo discuss Mi-Cha's earthbending.
War-Children: A Fire Nation daimyo receives information that the Avatar may be near New Sozin and investigates.

Two Years Pre-Canon
百合 (Lily): General How's aide buys flowers for his lover.
Challenge: The Fire Nation goes to take control of another Earth Kingdom village, and there's only a little girl to stop them.

One Year Pre-Canon
- Hearts on Fire: Daimyo General Torao reunites with his wife for the summer.  Written by Becky H.

Season Two
Spring Tide: After the events of 'Siege of the North', Chulyin of the Northern Water Tribe prepares to make her own way in the world.  Written by Becky H.
Equinox: The Earth Kingdom celebrates the return of life after the winter in all the best ways. Written by Becky H.
Just One Night: After retaking their village from the Fire Nation, Haru and his father branch out to free other subjugated villages. One night, Haru meets a young acrobat from the Fire Nation.... Haru/Ty Lee.  Written with Eleanor
Playing With Jade: Song had been arrested by the Dai Li for hiding a fugitive from them; as punishment she was taken below Lake Laogai and mindbent. However, the mindbending did not take, and Song quickly escaped. Unfortunately, Long Feng catches her; fortunately, he seems to believe she is a Joo Dee. How long can she keep up the charade?  Song/Long Feng.
Goldeneye: Ichiro's boyfriend isn't who he implies he is. That's all right, Ichiro isn't either.  Written by Becky H.
Beyond a Shadow: Ichiro is most definitely a firebender, much to Liu's dismay.  Sequel/follow-up to Goldeneye. Written by Becky H.
The Way to the End: Snapshots of seven Dai Li during the events of "City of Walls and Secrets".  Written by Becky H.

Season Three
And Then It Got Worse: Hyo is having a bad year.
Morning After: A Fire Nation teenager converses with his new Earth Kingdom lover.  Written by Becky H.
None Dare: A Dai Li captain and his Fire Nation lover have a talk that turns to treason.
Ba Sing Se Waits: During the Occupation of Ba Sing Se, the city is not silent. Long Feng knows how to both listen and speak in ways the Fire Nation does not.  Written by Becky H.
Darling: During the Occupation of Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li discover that one of their treasures has been stolen and abused.
Secrets of the Wind: Snapshot portraits of seven feral airbenders.  Written by Becky H.
Temper: The Dai Li are not Azula's dogs. Dai Li-in-the-Fire Nation fic.  Written by Becky H.
Be Careful What You Ask For: Ketu encounters a Fire Nation squad with a young archer girl.  Written by Becky H.
Sly: Tikaani is sly and soft as a foxdog.  Written by Becky H.
Koi and Dragons: After Iroh escapes from prison, he stops to check on Ming and gets a little side-tracked when he finds her taking a nap underneath an open window. NC-17. Written by Becky H.
Péng Yǒu: Zuko and Haru bond in silence.

After the Comet
Reprimand: Hyo calls Jae to task for his treatment of Huan after the Retaking.
The Long Game: After the War, the people of Ba Sing Se have to put things back together. General How has his duty to the city and the Earth Kingdom; Long Feng has his ambition and political maneuverings.  Written by Becky H.
Cultural Protectors: Over a few weeks in Ba Sing Se, Aang keeps running into Dai Li in unusual situations.
Break: Chulyin isn't there when Krisuk returns to the North.

One Year Post-Canon
Anniversary: Some wounds never heal. A Fire Nation girl tends to Ozai on the anniversary of Sozin's Comet.  Written by Becky H.
Cleave: Lao Bei Fong tries to work out the differences with his daughter.  Written by Becky H.

Two Years Post-Canon
Crack: Krisuk finds Chulyin again.

Three Years Post-Canon
Making Change: Sokka wants to go shopping; Haru wants to exchange their money first. Written by Becky H.
Turbulence: Aang has found feral airbenders to teach, and tensions run high between the ones from the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation.  Written by Becky H.

Four Years Post-Canon
At Thy Will: A twenty-year-old Ichiro takes the first step in choosing a bride.


Ichiro, Kouji, and Yui - Collectively called Yujiro because I am lazy and don't want to keep typing out all three names
Daimyo General Torao - The man who adopted Yujiro
Liang - Admiral Zhao's bastard son
Hyo and Xin Wan
Liu and Jae
Xiang and Qin
Song/Long Feng - This is just adorable
Song and Long Feng's Wedding - Ditto
Chaturaji by LaviRavi: The four Dai Li captains (Xiang, Qin, Jae, and Liu) playing a game of chaturaji, a four-person chess variant.

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09:15 pm
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Basttal Fic Index
It was brought to my attention that I should probably index this like I have Lightning at Sea and beckyh2112 has Vampatar and our Dai Li fiction and suzukiblu has the Avateers. So, without further ado, the CatSong fics!

Necessary information: Basttal are shapebenders, women (and men) who turn into catsquirrels. Song is one, and when Iroh and Zuko rob her, she gives chase. This is mildly AU in that Song's presence doesn't alter the overall course of events, but she does change some small things.

NOTE: These are not being posted in chronological order. However, as new fics arrive, they will be added to the index in chronological order. So... yeah. Have fun!

Coffee and White Tea: Iroh adopts a catsquirrel who doesn't like Zuko very much...
Melas Oneiros: Song has a horrific nightmare.
水魎 (Water Sprite): Zuko discovers a water spirit bathing in the river.
間諜 (Jian Die): While in Ba Sing Se, Song investigates the Dai Li and Long Feng.
Taisha Shanshoku: Song torments a Fire Nation sailor.

Good Manners: Prince Zuko and his uncle are invited to dine with the local governor and discover an unusual acquisition of his.  AU.  (YES AN AU OF AN AU SHUT UP)

Also, I need a Songkitty icon. D:

I has a Songkitty icon! :D

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