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David Javen ([info]davidjaven) wrote,
@ 2012-09-24 08:23:00

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Current location:San Francisco, USA

How Facebook App Development Can Help Build Up a Brand

Integrated Facebook marketing is a new way to gain fans and effectively build brands. Facebook page posts were a traditional method of Facebook marketing and there are now applications that can accomplish the same. These interactive marketing methods have instilled need for facebook application development in the competitive online marketplace.

Some integrated marketing campaigns combine app development, the creation of pages, and Facebook advertisements. These efforts are designed to engage users into making some sort of conversion on the company’s page or website. It could be as basic as “liking” a marketing page or sharing the page with friends. A simple action such as “liking” a page triggers a chain of reactions. In fact, it creates a seismic effect that can completely turn the fortunes of a brand in the long run.

Facebook Application Sample – The Welcome Page App

Even though today’s popular development of Facebook applications involve gaming, there are some top Facebook applications that can be used for marketing. The Welcome Page Facebook app is one such app development effort that is now bearing fruit for marketers.

By way of this app, a company, product, service or brand can create a more engaging and welcoming landing page. The landing page can be customized with website-type functions as part of Facebook application development.

This app has already grossed enough users in the form of daily active users and monthly active users. When a brand creates a stunning and visually engaging landing page, the user is left with no choice but to do complete a type of conversion. At the most, the user may “like” the page and even better, the user will share the page with his or her Facebook friends.

As with any other Facebook app development, the Welcome Page app is continuously evolving. With every update, businesses using the app can expect new features or enhancements. The current feature-set is sufficient to carry out basic, but modern marketing campaigns.

The Welcome Page app provides:

• A brilliant welcome tab.

• Ability to upload videos.

• Twitter feed capabilities.

• Geography mapping capabilities in the form of a map and current location.

• A contact form to help the user connect with the brand owners.

Businesses can expect even more customizable features when they contact companies that develop such apps. It is important to get in touch with companies like ConvoSpark that have their own teams to develop Facebook marketing apps. ConvoSpark can also undertake custom Facebook application development.

Businesses should engage facebook app development companies such as ConvoSpark to help in their social media marketing campaigns via Facebook applications. Visit ConvoSpark at www.convospark.com to learn more.

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