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The Top Benefits of Facebook App Development for Your Business [15 Dec 2012|09:10pm]

The relevancy of Facebook application development companies has grown in the recent past. However, it is difficult to pick an experienced Facebook app development company. Many companies who are in this business are either amateurs or lack end-to-end solutions. Recent reviews indicate that only ConvoSpark has been able to fulfill customer requirements and exceed their expectations. Companies such as ConvoSpark thrive on altering many aspects of a company through Facebook app development.

The following are the business benefits achieved through applications developed for the Facebook social media platform.

Altering brand perception

The secret to ConvoSpark’s success when compared to other Facebook application development companies is that this company has been able to influence perception. The management of perception goes a long way in building goodwill and trust in a brand. App development is an innovative way to change perceptions of a company. If done correctly, businesses can expect to experience an influx of interest from prospective customers.

Brand recognition

Currently, Facebook is being used by millions of users. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to market themselves on this social media platform. Facebook apps are an ideal way to tap into this universal customer base. App development companies must develop apps that partly or fully realize this potential.

Customer loyalty

When a customer is engaged in an innovative way, the chance of this customer staying or coming back to a page often increases. Customers choose excitement, versatility, and quality of a product or service over other factors. Facebook application development is a perfect way to bring all the essentials of customer engagement into a single solution. It takes an innovative application development organization to create apps that stir customer interest. Only an end-to-end social media app service company can fill this need. Incidentally, ConvoSpark is among only a few companies that have such capabilities.

Behavioral intelligence

Traditional methods to understand customer behavior are passé. Facebook application development is the new way to elicit customer information for behavioral analysis. This area presents a huge opportunity for social media application development companies. It is also an area to invest in for large and small organizations. App development is a more refined and innovative way to understand what customers want. Organizations can analyze how customers are responding to their products and services through app development.

The area of Facebook application development is burgeoning. There is more to be done. Organizations who embark on this now can expect to have an early bird advantage. Visit www.convospark.com to begin development today.

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Tips to Help Your Business Choose a Custom Facebook App Development Company [23 Nov 2012|09:00pm]

There are many Facebook app development companies that your business could possible hire. However, you only need one custom Facebook app development company who can match your requirements with quality results.

Facebook apps present infinite possibilities for corporate marketing. Apps enable businesses to better understand customers, the market, and competitors. In this era of technology, it is possible to implement ideas by way of apps and Facebook is the right social media platform to do so. However, businesses face the perennial problem of quality. Facebook apps are not as easy as outlining an illustration, drafting copy, and then advertising. Rather, a Facebook app requires a lengthy and laborious process of requirements that includes gathering, elicitation, software design, testing, validation, maintenance, and trials.

Given the complexity of this process, choosing the right app development company becomes imperative. The following tips are designed to help businesses find the best of the best of Facebook app development companies.

Design and development skills

If you were to visit ConvoSpark – the premier Facebook app development firm, you’d know why this company is the best in the business. This company has the best development expertise when it comes to Facebook apps and other allied activities. There may be other companies similar to ConvoSpark, but you should approach these companies with caution. You should inspect the company to ensure the team has the development skills and creativity to deliver high quality, creative, and relevant solutions that can positively alter your business’s bottom line.

Organizational experience

You cannot expect every custom app development company to have the same level of organizational experience in Facebook app development like ConvoSpark. It is expected that app development companies have strong experience in Facebook app development. Unfortunately, some do not have the necessary experience. In an ideal scenario, an experienced app development company should have capabilities to build apps on any social or technological platform. In this case, there’d be a criss-crossing of development methodologies, ideas, technologies, and resources.

You should inspect the portfolio or samples of work that the company provides. Understand the level of creativity and relevancy incorporated into these solutions. If you feel that this company can replicate their skills for your needs, then you go ahead and choose this company.

Development process

Inquire about the development process. Even social media app development companies are required to have a development process in place. A well-documented and established development process ensures timely delivery and high quality.

For a company with all the above qualities and more, choose ConvoSpark. Visit their website at www.convospark.com.

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Reasons to Use Facebook Application Development in Your Marketing Efforts [23 Nov 2012|08:17pm]

The influence of social media was initially underestimated, but within a short amount of time social media began changing the landscape of marketing. The importance of social media integration in many aspects of business is undeniable. Marketers now integrate Facebook application development into their marketing strategies. The prominence of Facebook app development has grown in leaps and bounds in the past decade.

There are various reasons why app development improves marketing reach and some of these are further explained below.

Better customer engagement

Many things become lost in translation. There is no unique method to engage actively with customers. Even if there is, it is seldom a natural engagement. However, social media enables natural communication and engagement with customers. Application development helps marketers create a strong rapport with existing, prospective, and pipeline customers. Application development beats traditional marketing methodologies in this regard.

Scope for creative participation

Customers love it when they are presented with something new and interesting. Novelty is the name of the game. Marketers can use the flexibility and creativity that Facebook offers to create interesting marketing campaigns. Given that this marketing methodology is still niche, it pays to partner with the best Facebook app development company to develop brilliant marketing campaigns. ConvoSpark is one such established company that provides end-to-end solutions and consulting in the sphere of social media integration.

Monitoring and tracking potential leads

When prospects are directed to a Facebook landing page, marketers are able to track these leads. They can devise various interfaces to interact with prospective customers and derive information. This is not possible even on a website. A prospect would at the maximum leave their name, phone number, email address, and feedback, if any.

Anytime anywhere client participation

The Internet has made it possible for social media app development efforts to be transported across networks and into people’s homes. Your company can elicit customer engagement and participation from any part of the globe. This can be what differentiates your business from the rest.

The power of Facebook and other such social media platforms has not been harnessed to their true potential. More areas of exploration remain. While this happens, marketers should not miss out on an opportunity to power their business by way of Facebook apps. Visit www.convospark.com to get started today. This reputable and experienced app development company can create an app that perfectly complements your existing marketing strategies.

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Why Focus on Facebook Application Development for Marketing? [08 Oct 2012|08:06pm]

Any type of marketing is beneficial to a company, so it often does not matter which method is chosen as long as it is effective and positively impacts the company’s bottom line. One of the best marketing strategies available today involves app development on the social media giant, Facebook. Social media in its current state is a stable way to market brands and it is turning out to be the most valuable way to market brands. Without social media, a company’s brand could be annihilated by the competition. A brand could easily get lost in the crowd. Thanks to social media, companies now have the control to retain, maintain, promote, and increase their brand’s visibility, equity, and image.

Facebook Gets a Brand Seen

A Facebook app development company such as ConvoSpark can completely transform the bottom line of a business. Simple and integrated application development can bring more visibility to a brand than any other marketing channel. For instance, a customized Facebook landing page can help a brand gain fans. The number of fans a page collects indicates the number of people who have viewed the page and have actually liked it. A company may be relatively sure that a percentage of these fans will actually inquire about their products or services. Additionally, a good number of fans may even share a company’s page further enhancing a brand’s visibility on this social media venue.

Conduct Marketing Cost-Effectively

ConvoSpark’s Facebook application development solutions offer cost effective development to market a brand without breaking a company’s budget. Since this Facebook app development company is experienced, their application development efforts are process-oriented and well established.

Currently, there is an increasing demand for companies to build cost-effective quizzes, games, interactive applications, custom landing pages, e-commerce apps, and so much more for a truly enriching social media experience. A company can apply an integrated marketing effort and yield results that are exponential in nature. This is something that a company cannot expect from traditional marketing efforts when the cost of marketing to the ROI of marketing is compared.

Keep Up With the Competition

Sometimes, a marketing strategy may fail because of lack of competitive intelligence. However, this is not the case of application development for online integrated marketing programs. A Facebook app development company such as ConvoSpark helps companies understand what succeeds and what may not.

A company will do well to partner with an app company that understands the methods and ways of a popular social media platform – which ConvoSpark does very well. Facebook marketing is competitive, but rewarding. Visit www.convospark.com to ensure the company’s marketing success in more ways than one.

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Tips for Choosing a Facebook App Development Company and Campaign [24 Sep 2012|08:29am]

Facebook application development companies could give you varying Facebook application development ideas, but which idea should you select? More importantly, which company should you choose to create an effective marketing campaign on social media sites?

If this is your company’s current dilemma, there is good news. There are a handful of companies who can advise you on your Facebook marketing strategy via apps. However, only a few of these companies actually create, customize, and deliver high quality Facebook apps. One of these is ConvoSpark.ConvoSpark has the experience necessary to create Facebook applications that build a company’s brand on social media sites.

ConvoSpark’s Facebook Application Development

Though Facebook has millions of active users that sign on daily, only a few companies are tapping into an opportunity to market their brands to this demographic. ConvoSpark is one of those application development companies that make apps for businesses so that they can tap into this market. However, ConvoSpark is a unique company since it creates the highest quality applications according to their customers’ specifications.

Significant Features of ConvoSpark’s Capabilities

• Facebook is a universal advertising platform. ConvoSpark’s applications leverage this universal platform to advertise and market your brand in the most cost-effective way.

• A simple custom Facebook page can spread awareness of your brand to thousands of people. A Facebook game can introduce thousands of potential customers to your company.

• There are many Facebook application development companies, but there are only a handful that truly care about their customers’ businesses. ConvoSpark owns and takes responsibility for the marketing efforts of their customers’ businesses.

• When you choose an app development company, you need to choose from a variety with different options available. ConvoSpark has numerous options that will help you create an app wholly unique to your company. Besides Facebook games, you can have the company create custom quizzes or gifting applications. If you want an e-commerce app, ConvoSpark has the capabilities to create this as well.

Facebook application development companies thrive on the success of this popular social media platform. The success of Facebook is definitely an increasing trend, which is all the more reason for a company to use this platform to build their brand.

ConvoSpark is a facebook app development company with full capabilities in web application development, mobile applications, and agency solutions. Choose ConvoSpark to positively impact the bottom line of your business by visiting their website at www.convospark.com.

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How Facebook App Development Can Help Build Up a Brand [24 Sep 2012|08:23am]

Integrated Facebook marketing is a new way to gain fans and effectively build brands. Facebook page posts were a traditional method of Facebook marketing and there are now applications that can accomplish the same. These interactive marketing methods have instilled need for facebook application development in the competitive online marketplace.

Some integrated marketing campaigns combine app development, the creation of pages, and Facebook advertisements. These efforts are designed to engage users into making some sort of conversion on the company’s page or website. It could be as basic as “liking” a marketing page or sharing the page with friends. A simple action such as “liking” a page triggers a chain of reactions. In fact, it creates a seismic effect that can completely turn the fortunes of a brand in the long run.

Facebook Application Sample – The Welcome Page App

Even though today’s popular development of Facebook applications involve gaming, there are some top Facebook applications that can be used for marketing. The Welcome Page Facebook app is one such app development effort that is now bearing fruit for marketers.

By way of this app, a company, product, service or brand can create a more engaging and welcoming landing page. The landing page can be customized with website-type functions as part of Facebook application development.

This app has already grossed enough users in the form of daily active users and monthly active users. When a brand creates a stunning and visually engaging landing page, the user is left with no choice but to do complete a type of conversion. At the most, the user may “like” the page and even better, the user will share the page with his or her Facebook friends.

As with any other Facebook app development, the Welcome Page app is continuously evolving. With every update, businesses using the app can expect new features or enhancements. The current feature-set is sufficient to carry out basic, but modern marketing campaigns.

The Welcome Page app provides:

• A brilliant welcome tab.

• Ability to upload videos.

• Twitter feed capabilities.

• Geography mapping capabilities in the form of a map and current location.

• A contact form to help the user connect with the brand owners.

Businesses can expect even more customizable features when they contact companies that develop such apps. It is important to get in touch with companies like ConvoSpark that have their own teams to develop Facebook marketing apps. ConvoSpark can also undertake custom Facebook application development.

Businesses should engage facebook app development companies such as ConvoSpark to help in their social media marketing campaigns via Facebook applications. Visit ConvoSpark at www.convospark.com to learn more.

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Facebook App Developers Advise on Crafting an Effective Social Media Budget [20 Aug 2012|12:28pm]

Before executing any marketing program, it’s important for companies to spend some time targeting their specific audience. Begin at the beginning, with your target customer in mind. Then develop a plan to execute that’s based on their social behaviors and not necessarily target platforms. Determine exactly what makes these consumers a perfect fit and how you can offer more than your competition.

Brainstorm before you budget to develop more creative marketing plans. Often, this is known as a zero-budget plan and it helps to differentiate truly unique and effective ideas from the repetitive and stale strategies that many companies fall in habit with. Furthermore, spend extra time analyzing sources that are already producing a good ROI. Consider how enhancing various programs may increase revenue and potential in your marketplace.

Start venturing into social media conservatively. Try a few simple campaigns and adjust the programs according to their results. Use this to pinpoint the most effective messages, images, and engagement opportunities that work with your audience. If you wish to make a bigger splash in social media, consider working with one of today’s leading Facebook app development companies.facebook app developers know and understand the full potential of a well-thought and executed app. Are you wondering where you might possibly scrape up the budget for such an undertaking? Consider allocating funds from traditional advertising sources as a start. Often reallocating even 1-2% is enough to bolster social media programs for truly effective results and increased brand awareness.

Today’s top Facebook app developers are savvy to the necessary strategies and thinking required to develop a successful branding app. They will work with closely with corporate marketers to truly define features and venues to make such an application really resonate with its intended audience. Although it’s very possible to consider developing such a marketing product in-house, there is a true advantage to those who choose to partner with seasoned experts in this field. They will likely avoid many pitfalls of novice social media professionals and have already been through many hard knocks in the arena of Facebook app development companies.

If you’re ready to begin researching potential for working with leading Facebook app developers, then consider visiting ConvoSpark’s website at www.convospark.com. There, you’ll find informative articles that describe and detail each step of the development process along with an online portfolio of successful projects. ConvoSpark is one of the few facebook app development companies that have made it a core mission of their organization to deliver exceptional customer service and communication for every project they undertake.

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Tips to Avoid Frustration when Considering Facebook Application Development [20 Aug 2012|11:32am]

There are not many savvy business professionals today that wouldn’t agree that Facebook is one of this era’s must-have advertising platforms. However, there is much strategy behind a solid Facebook marketing initiative and the planning or preparation of effective tactics is unfortunately an afterthought for many businesses. If you’re thinking that facebook application development might make sense for your business, then take some time to thoroughly plot your path and objectives for a more successful launch. Here are some tips that may help to lower frustration when in the midst of your Facebook campaign development.

Begin by taking the time to really define who you are as a company and brand. Think deeply and remain honest as you go through this process. By taking this time to define corporate philosophies, missions, and beliefs, you will gain a strong edge in your positioning on this heavily-saturated media giant. Decide who you really wish to market to and develop an online persona that plays to strengths that attract this audience. Consider discussion points like these to get you started:

1.Define what your company or brand stands for. Do you have a mission statement…does this align with your current brand perception?

2. Who is your target audience? What are they like? What behaviors are common to this group?

3. Do you provide a unique solution or strength? What is it? Is there more than one strength?

4. What makes your services or products better than your competition?

5. What is your purpose in business, besides gaining profit?

Once you’ve got a better understanding of who you are as a brand, you’ll want to spend some time considering positioning in your marketplace. Sometimes, the best way to get this discussion started is by discussing who you don’t want to be. Ask yourself, what competitors do business in a manner that you disagree with. Who have your customers complained about lately? Now, take the information you’ve stirred up and determine how you need to structure and position your own company to avoid such pitfalls. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and offer truly uniqupositioning for your brand.

Finally, don’t be afraid to do a little less sometimes. It’s far better to develop, higher quality marketing and web content than simply high quantities! Re-tune your efforts to focus on those items that maintain real priority. Get back to the roots of your marketing efforts and pay good attention to your website, blog, and Facebook fan page. Choose marketing activities which yield the highest ROI and don’t be afraid to outsource some creative production to expert firms – especially when considering Facebook application development.

Speaking of positioning and brand definition, if you’re searching for a Facebook app development company that delivers excellent customer service, project communication, and stand-out results then you’ll wish to visit www.convospark.com. This company has made it part of their corporate mission to develop solid customer relationships – not simply Facebook application development! If you’re searching for a firm with extensive experience and exceptional service, then ConvoSpark is a true leader amongst this market’s facebook app development company, select few.

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Integrate Facebook Apps into Your Marketing Efforts for Massive Benefits [20 Aug 2012|11:26am]

If you’re searching for effective strategies to expand your company’s marketing efforts, then perhaps it’s time to consider the numerous benefits that exist for brands expanding through social media. Today, one of the most effective forms of reach is through the development of facebook apps for higher audience engagement and retention.

Facebook application development, when done well, offers extended branding, customer engagement, and lead generation. This marketing tactic also delivers increased web traffic, reputation management, and access to this social network and its intangible value. When your brand is savvy enough to hold its own in this marketplace, you gain a bit of the, “cool factor,” which further propels your brand’s awareness and reputation.

There are already nearly 3,400 applications installed on Facebook. Although the majority of these exist for fun and are non-business in nature, there are many clever apps that are helping big brands extend their awareness and audience reach through newer, more social feedback mechanisms. The companies that have implemented Facebook apps in their marketing efforts are using Facebook not only for branding and awareness, but also market intelligence. Using this social giant’s unique form of customer engagement enables smart companies to glean a bit more about their consumer behavior based on content sharing and commentary provided.

Of course the likely holy grail of facebook application development is the hope that one’s business app will benefit from a viral effect. This level of awareness and attention takes word-of-mouth to an entirely new level! Think of a viral effect as a crowd attracting an even bigger crowd, and so on!

Through the benefits of increased awareness, intelligence, and buzz it’s no wonder why many corporations are beginning to consider the many benefits of Facebook application development. Becoming an active and engaging brand on this platform is a critical part of 21st century marketing evolution. Consider the opportunities that participating in this active community may bring and sift through customer behaviors, comments, and usage to build successful cases for targeting new niches and vertical markets – with very specific tactics for execution.

If you’re sold on the need for Facebook apps, then you’ll want to find a development firm you can rely on to create the perfect application for your business or brand. A standout company in this market is ConvoSpark, having represented such big brands as Taco Bell, Nestle, Qualcomm, and BNSF Railway, among others. Delivering exceptional customer service with superb communication is what really positions this company ahead of its competition. Learn more about them by visiting www.convospark.com and get started creating your own Facebook apps with their expert guidance.

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