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David Javen ([info]davidjaven) wrote,
@ 2012-08-20 11:32:00

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Current location:San Francisco, CA

Tips to Avoid Frustration when Considering Facebook Application Development

There are not many savvy business professionals today that wouldn’t agree that Facebook is one of this era’s must-have advertising platforms. However, there is much strategy behind a solid Facebook marketing initiative and the planning or preparation of effective tactics is unfortunately an afterthought for many businesses. If you’re thinking that facebook application development might make sense for your business, then take some time to thoroughly plot your path and objectives for a more successful launch. Here are some tips that may help to lower frustration when in the midst of your Facebook campaign development.

Begin by taking the time to really define who you are as a company and brand. Think deeply and remain honest as you go through this process. By taking this time to define corporate philosophies, missions, and beliefs, you will gain a strong edge in your positioning on this heavily-saturated media giant. Decide who you really wish to market to and develop an online persona that plays to strengths that attract this audience. Consider discussion points like these to get you started:

1.Define what your company or brand stands for. Do you have a mission statement…does this align with your current brand perception?

2. Who is your target audience? What are they like? What behaviors are common to this group?

3. Do you provide a unique solution or strength? What is it? Is there more than one strength?

4. What makes your services or products better than your competition?

5. What is your purpose in business, besides gaining profit?

Once you’ve got a better understanding of who you are as a brand, you’ll want to spend some time considering positioning in your marketplace. Sometimes, the best way to get this discussion started is by discussing who you don’t want to be. Ask yourself, what competitors do business in a manner that you disagree with. Who have your customers complained about lately? Now, take the information you’ve stirred up and determine how you need to structure and position your own company to avoid such pitfalls. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and offer truly uniqupositioning for your brand.

Finally, don’t be afraid to do a little less sometimes. It’s far better to develop, higher quality marketing and web content than simply high quantities! Re-tune your efforts to focus on those items that maintain real priority. Get back to the roots of your marketing efforts and pay good attention to your website, blog, and Facebook fan page. Choose marketing activities which yield the highest ROI and don’t be afraid to outsource some creative production to expert firms – especially when considering Facebook application development.

Speaking of positioning and brand definition, if you’re searching for a Facebook app development company that delivers excellent customer service, project communication, and stand-out results then you’ll wish to visit www.convospark.com. This company has made it part of their corporate mission to develop solid customer relationships – not simply Facebook application development! If you’re searching for a firm with extensive experience and exceptional service, then ConvoSpark is a true leader amongst this market’s facebook app development company, select few.

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